Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I never 'got' Facebook

I was invited to be a friend on facebook, but really, the only thing I got out of it that was remotely enjoyable was playing Scrabulous. I love Scrabulous - even better than Scrabble. You can take as long as you need/want to make your move and it lets you play your 'tiles' on the board to see what works, and even adds up your score beforehand. And you can play against the computer and get hints of words to play, though sometimes that is limiting (makes me feel smarter when I can come up with something better than their suggestions!). But that 'poking' thing just never got beyond a silly annoyance for me. Maybe I'm not playful enough. But I am happy playing Scrabulous.


  1. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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