Tuesday, April 1, 2008

this is what happens when you cannot sleep

I could spend an ever increasing amount of time reading other people's blogs and enjoying their ramblings on life, or I could be creative and in this, my new decade year, and start a new hobby. The last time I had a serious bout of insommnia, I decided to get a job working nights. Might as well make some money if I was going to be awake. Am not sure if that helped with the insommnia bit - really it has just made my sleeping even more erratic. I find myself doing usual things at unusual hours. Eating breakfast at 3 in the afternoon. Grocery shopping at 3 in the morning. Napping until noon. Worrying about sleep at 8 pm and wondering can I stay up to watch ... whatever? Or should I just read some more and drift off ...? My mind whirls with thoughts, ideas, stories. Some of it true, some of it fantasy, some of it wistful. Doesn't really matter if anyone out there reads any of this. But I would feel a little deflated if it turned out no one would rather look me up than say, watch reruns of Absolutely Fabulous (which, as it turns out I am also doing at this moment). In one hour it will be midnight and I will need to think about getting organized to go out to work. As the temperature has dropped from a high of 15C to about -9C with windchill, going back outside is not a happy prospect. More tea, perhaps?

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