Sunday, April 6, 2008

spring has sprung

I haven't had much time to write anything lately. Hasn't stopped me from thinking however. At the moment I'm thinking up ways of permanently ridding my balcony of these noisy, poopy pigeons. What a mess they have created. This is the first year they've been attracted to my balcony to the extent that it will seriously curtail my enjoyment of my afternoon sitting and watching of the new buildings being erected to block my view. It has been an absolutely gorgeous spring day and I'm now home drawing a bath to soothe my aching, yet exhilerated, muscles from my first bike ride in - oh, let's just say many years and leave it at that. My new bike, bought last summer right before I got sick, is a charm to ride, but maybe I shouldn't have gone quite so far. It's the trek home again that is the killer.

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