Friday, July 15, 2011

did you miss me? I didn't really go anywhere

Good grief, has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted?
I took a bit of a blogging break. An unintentional one, brought on by a serious lack of anything good or profound or entertaining to write about. Or at least an inability to write about anything in a good or profound or entertaining way. I haven't even really been reading anyone else's blogs. Sorry about that. I've missed you though, and will now have to spend a few hours catching up.

I thought about things I could do that might provide some good blogging material. I have been out for walks and bike rides. Had coffee and gelato on patios, met friends for dinner, and shopped at an antique market. I even went to an art show and bought stuff (and no, Nora, I haven't run out of things to buy!) All of it was immensely enjoyable, I just couldn't find a way to express it on paper screen.

But, today, the words have come back. My mind has been racing with ways to describe the past two weeks. Maybe it was my return to the gym that has given my brain a bit of a boost as well as my legs.
Or maybe it is the new blinds that I had installed in my living room. They are white and 2" faux wood, replacing the horrible, metal, coloured 1" venetians. I am surprised at how much brighter my place is now, though I do sort of miss that it never really gets absolutely dark like it used to when I would close the blinds against the intense sun and heat. And I am (not really) surprised that I need to wash my windows.

I've been busy watching Canada lose it all in Germany and am looking forward to seeing Japan and the US kick it out on Sunday... along with the crashes and scenery of le tour de France and the Open...

In the meantime, I have not read any of Harry Potter, though I have seen the first movie (but on tv, which is never the same) and promptly lost interest. Though, for thousands apparently, it is a different story


  1. Welcome back:-) A change is as good as a rest and all that! I am similarly afflicted with loss of things to write or energy to write them. I blame it on the weather - and family affairs - and indolence;-)

  2. Sometimes you just need to check out. I've been pretty much checked out for the last several months.

  3. I figured you had been arrested for insisting on close-ups of Will and Kate.

  4. I'm glad you are so happy with your new blinds. Isn't it amazing what a difference that can make in your living room? But now you've got to wash those windows.That's the bad part.

    I always keep on gabbing, even when I have nothing to report. It's a compulsion. You may have noticed that. Just like you keep on shopping.

    Welcome back anyway. I hope you keep coming back. I missed you.


  5. Jabblog: yes, indolence creeps in, uninvited, every now and then.

    Jazz: I've noticed that... patiently waiting for you to check back in. thanks for your visits, at least!

    Geewits: not quite! but son't you wish you could hear what she had to say to all those people she was meeting and greeting with? she must be well versed in small talk.

    Nora: I think the brightness with the new blinds has really improved my mood. took awhile to save up buy them, though! (especially when I keep buying stuff)

  6. Sometimes I don't blog because of time constraints, but not having anything profound to say doesn't stop me.

    I'm one of those people who read every HP book and saw every one of the movies.

  7. SAW: I have a few drafts of posts that I wrote while not feeing up to the challenge, and they are really not worth reading. So did you enjoy this last installment?


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