Monday, July 25, 2011

the long view

at long last, the promised walking tour.
but first, the overall view. the big picture.
I've shown plenty of views from my balcony, here is the view from where my friend lives on the 
11th floor (because it is such an awesome view. I am almost jealous, but then I get to walk the stairs instead of always taking the elevator)
anyway... (as usual, all pics will embiggen if you make that extra click)
a nighttime view 

 looking down on the city from the top of the escarpment.    
I live off to the left
a little closer view, taken very early in the morning, therefore no traffic. this is Hwy 2 or Lakeshore Rd
you may remember I mentioned that there is a creek behind my place where the ducks and geese like to play. as you can see there is not much water in the creek since we have had no rain in weeks.
at the top end of my street there is a bike path that leads to downtown (which in reality is 2 blocks away)

looking almost bucolic so far, no?

at the end of the bike path we come upon the new condos with a blank space for the next one
and this view of the lake from Pearl Street will (soon?) disappear as a very controversial 30-storey condo is meant to replace the small deteriorating motel and empty space.
it has been years though, and no-one is quite sure what is happening with the developer.
here you can see the steady stream of traffic - there is only one lane in each direction............

farther along we end up at the bottom of the main street which also has a view of the lake and is the entrance to the waterfront park and trail

it is still hot outside, so not many fools people out walking

and as we head north again, we come to the side entrance of City Hall which is next door to the Queen's Head where I think we will stop on the patio for a refreshment before continuing


  1. I do enjoy a walking tour. I'm glad you're having one. The creek and the bike path are lovely.

  2. Nora: I can usually count on you to be among the first to comment... in the middle of the night!
    and I wish there were a little more of that creek and path.

  3. What Loooonnng Views!
    A little bit of this and a little bit of that, isn't there? I do like the path best.

  4. How I love a neighborhood walk... More please!

  5. Great views from your building. All cities should include greenspace like that, with shaded walking paths.

  6. It's so pleasant to walk around someone else's neighbourhood:-)

  7. June: I rather like being up the escarpment and getting that view.

    Jazz: more to follow...

    SAW: I could never live in one of the newer developments that have no landscaping or mature trees. It just feels so exposed and unhealthy.

    Jabblog: it is fun, isn't it? any requests?

  8. What a great place to live. No wonder you walk around so much. Thanks for the tour!

  9. Looks a wonderful place to live and cycle! And great views thrown as well!

    Thanks so much for the tour - I do love seeing where others live!

  10. Great post!
    The nightime landscape is my favorite :)
    Have a nice day!
    Elisa, from Argentina

  11. Your friend does have a great view...but I'd prefer living closer to the ground too. I love that view from the escarpment!

    We got some rain a couple of days ago. I hope you got some too.

  12. Geewits: I love the fact that I can walk everywhere (well, almost)

    Gilly: you are welcome. come back for more, I love showing people around!

    Elisa: yes, I don't get a nighttime view at all because of the trees and the streetlights

    EG: we only had about 30 seconds of rain. nothing like what some other areas got.


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