Wednesday, July 27, 2011

things are as expected

An irregular update on the things I am obsessively keeping track of

building is coming along pretty much as expected
 with a hint of what is to come...

those 28 drops of rain we had the other night did nothing to quench the thirst of the grass

and on a sadder note (no photo, whew)

the baby skunk has met an untimely end after venturing out onto the much busier road with the much faster moving cars. 
I was rooting for the little fella, 
even if he was an olfactory hazard.


  1. I like that rock veneer, siding, whatever it is, I like it.

  2. Gail: in spite of everything (and I still think it is insanely huge) I think it may look nice when it is done. I like the stone, too.

  3. I'm not sure about that house yet - I think I'll pass judgement when it's a little more near completion. (You will post future pics, right?)

    And - poor baby skunk! I was hoping he'd be okay, too!

  4. Poor little fella: he'll never get to see that house finished.
    But I will. And I smell pretty good.

  5. Pinklea: of course there will be pics!
    I was absurdly sad when I saw him on the road!

    Geewits: and, it really is all about you, isn't it?!!
    (now that it has cooled down a wee bit, I'n not smelling so bad either)

  6. It seems that McMansions are flourishing in your neck of the woods.
    Oddly coincidentally, only today some friends and I were comparing house sizes from when we were young and newly wed (and nesting) with the substantially larger places now so common. Makes me feel older than I can possibly be.
    I shake my head in disbelief.

  7. Persiflage: I feel that way when I watch shows like House Hunters and people are so dismissive of any room that may be on the 'small' side. Seriously, who really needs a 12x12 bathroom?

  8. No kidding! And what really drives me nuts are the people that say, "This will HAVE to be updated!" about a perfectly good kitchen. And the stainless steel appliances. 20 years from now stainless steel appliances will be called "turn of the century."

  9. That house looks like so many others...sigh! All character wiped out. Sad for sure!
    And that poor little skunk...that is sad too!

  10. I think stainless steel will be the Harvest Gold or Avocado of the early 21st century. Besides, you can't even put magnets on it.

    As for the skunk, take heart, whoever took him out now has a stinky car.

  11. Poor little skink. Thats the second little animal story that I've just read with a fatal end!

    The house is coming on beautifully.
    Oh dear you need more rain than that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Geewits: I like HH because they actually buy a house and you get to see them in it a few weeks.months later, and about 95% of the time something has been completely overhauled. I studied design and know that you should live in a space for a year to see how the light affects the space and how you move in the space to determine your needs. I wonder if this house will immediately be For Sale and if the new owners will make even further changes?

    SueAnn: give it time, some style may yet emerge.

    Jazz: I already hate the fingerprints on my toaster oven. and there was only a little baby smell, but yes, there is that sweet thought!

    Maggie: sorry about that!
    AND today it rained!! woo hoo!

  13. Would you care for some more rain? I could bottle some and ship it over. We did have... oh... I think it was four sunny days but now it's back to drizzling.

    On the plus side, our Scottish grass is very green and I don't often have to water the outside pots.

  14. Did that poor little skunk smell very bad when it got run over? Poor little critter. He was kind of cute.

    That humongous house is coming along nicely. People don't want very large yards, do they? They want large houses. So would I actually, living in a little apartment. I would love more space and walk in closets. And a huge bathroom.

  15. Isabelle: we could certainly use some of your rain, but not the miserableness that comes with!

    Nora: no,he didn't smell too bad. he was awfully young afterall.
    I actually quite like small spaces, I find them cosier. but I would love a garden. and a bathroom with a window.

  16. Such is life . . . . and death.

    Buildings go up, rain comes down (well, nearly, in your case) grass and skunk go defunct.

  17. Sad about the little skunk. The house looks quite nice, though it probably doesn't suit the neighbourhood.

  18. Friko: and I am here to record it all (well, some of it)

    Scott: at the moment it doesn't, but in a few years it will blend in with all the other new builds.


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