Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Stills - people

Taking photos of people is not my forte. For some reason, I find it uncomfortable. I don't really know why. Maybe it is because I hate having my photo taken.
Pictures of street scenes look much more lively with people in them, but somehow, mine all end up looking a little... flat. I checked my archives and spent hours studying them to see where I was going wrong.

Then I went out and tried to get some people.

I decided to work on getting over my self consciousness about it by starting with something familiar.
Like a duck,
with some random people sitting at the cafe
(apparently oblivious to this duck in the pool)

then I moved on to some geese, with a random guy on a park bench reading...

this was getting easier. 
I moved on to focusing on these people using the binoculars and ended up with a random gull

I did manage one without any avian distractions... this one, taken last Sunday at the Elora Gorge (before I knew the theme) of a man who climbed over the wall, risking life and limb for a good shot. 
(he said he does it all the time and felt quite safe. I was holding my breath trying to capture his foolhardiness)

as a bonus,

feeling a little more confident

I was with my niece and we visited friends with a rescued kitten.
this adorable little thing was abandoned by her mother after her siblings died. we think she is about 4 weeks old. we also think she may be a boy, but somehow we all persisted in referring to him as she.
all taken for Sunday Stills and as usual, images will embiggen with just a click


  1. Excellent shots, the guy on the lip of the gorge is a man after my own heart, anything for a great shot..:-))

  2. I love your photos, and what a pretty kitty.

  3. You know I really like the shot with the man reading the newspaper with the geese...well not the geese reading the know what I mean. lol. have a great day. I am not the best with taking people shots, but will have to learn...hope your Sunday is wonderful. hugs.

  4. I vote for the man squatting and trying to photograph a fish?

  5. These are all great choices. I'm with Ed, the guy on the ledge is a bit scarey...those crazy photographers!! :)

  6. I love the shot with the geese!!
    All the photos are wonderful

  7. Fun shots! I like the duck in the pool shot and my favorite is the guy with the camera. Wow! Great angle!


  8. I think you did [retty good for not being used to taking people pics, I love the man reading, and the guy on the ledge, Id have been holding my breath too.

  9. you did great this week! I love the guy on the park bench. Makes me feel like I am there!

  10. People photos is not my strength either. But I really like the B&W of the guy on the park bench.

  11. Yup, that black and white park bench would get my vote too, all great photos tho' and I know how you feel about photographing people; I used to worry that I would get shouted at or something and now I just use my long lense and I can be a fair distance away from the unknowing subjects!

  12. I too cringe at "people" photography and am always dissatisfied! But yours photographs were great! I LOVED the ones with the avian extras! I might borrow your idea and try it out! That one of the geese in the park is my favorite!

  13. The man reading on the bench is excellent. Pure artistry!

  14. I know what you mean about taking photos of people. Looking at mine, anyone might think I was the only person living round here! So I think it's a brave move to practise a few shots and these have worked really well. Of course, the kitten steals the show!

  15. Well, for being a lil' bit shy about people shots, you did fantastic! I like how you focused on something else for the photo...and slowly you got more confident. Great challenge!

  16. I'm not uncomfortable taking photos of people either, probably for the same reason you are. I'm ususlly sneaky about how I do it. I need to learn to be much braver.

    I think you did very well!

  17. The guy on the cliff gives me the willies. I like the folks who are oblivious to the duck and geese. Can't lose with cute kittens!

    I found myself sneaking photographs using my display screen so it would look like I was reviewing the pictures I'd already taken instead of snapping the individual's picture. My display screen flips out and rotates so I could angle the camera as desired. Very covert!

  18. I really like the one of the guy reading on the park bench. It is perfect and not at all contrived. I like the fact that it is in black and white too. Very understated.

  19. So, are you suggesting the world is for the birds?
    I like the duck in the pool and the oblivious diners.


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