Thursday, July 21, 2011

yes, it is hot

Sure, it is hot out.
 An expected high of 38C or 100F
Dire warnings of a humidex reaching "almost 50C" or close to 120F
Those are numbers that belong to Saudi Arabia, not Southern Ontario.
To be fair, most people seem incredulous at the muggy heat rather than complaining about it.
Breakfast Television has been playing Christmas music all morning.


  1. I am just grateful for all the money saved from the nonuse of heating fuel.

    I had to really dig for something nice to say about this melting heat wave!

    TRY to stay cool.

  2. Christmas music? How do you spell ridiculous? Breakfast television...

  3. And here in Vancouver we are in perpetual fall, with temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius, and rain, rain, rain. We have had no summer at all. What the heck is going on???

  4. Gawd! It sounds even hotter there than it is here!! It seems we have fewer and fewer "normal" temps anymore. Extreme IS the new normal! UGH!

  5. Gail: hate to burst your brainwave idea.... but most of that money would go to the a/c (if you had one!) or fans

    Jazz: and by 'Christmas music', I mean anything that had the words cold or snow in them

    Jo: I noticed that on the weather chart, you poor things. and you get the ocean, too!!

    Susan: there is no normal.

  6. The highest temperatures I've ever experienced (besides Toronto, of course) were in Egypt last summer. The mercury hit about 45ºC regularly down south in Aswan, and the humidity was unbelievable. But I was only there for two weeks. I think you've had to live with your heat for much longer than that! You should come out west and cool off now.

  7. Pinklea: luckily, there has been a steady breeze all day... if it weren't to hot to move, I'd be packing my bags.

  8. Well, you might like to send a bit of heat to Edinburgh?

  9. I don't like any weather that keeps me indoors, hot or cold. Many places in the world are hotter than we are, but we do experience a big range of temperatures throughout the year. Overall, I am a fan of our distinct seasons. Keep cool!

  10. I tried to figure out how to crawl through the monitor and step into your pictures to cool off. I think I'll look at them again right before I go to bed. Maybe I'll have chilly dreams.

  11. Isabelle: I was hoping it was about to stretch its way eastward, but it seems to be a "dome" and I don't know if domes stretch.

    Geewits: speaking of domes, the 'skydome' was closed for the first time for the Jays' game because of the heat. Ironically, they are then headed down your way to play the Rangers!

    Ruth: and without the magnificent range of seasonal highs and lows, I would not have had those cooling shots of snow and ice.

  12. Anything to make one feel cooler!! Ha!
    But I remember our last winter....FREEZIN'
    So I am loving this heat.

  13. You guys are actually having it worse than we are in Tennessee, which is strange.


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