Sunday, September 1, 2013

postal themed stamps

celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Moscow Head Post Office
The Moscow Central Post Office is Russia’s largest postal service enterprise comprising nine inter-regional post offices, two inter-regional mail-sorting departments and the Zelenograd postal service centre. There are also over 500 district post offices, and the total workforce of Moscow’s postal service numbers 20,000. 
(from Stampland)
(and yet, it takes, on average, over a month for postcards to reach Russia from Canada??)

1st class business letter
showing a Brazilian mailbag

day-to-day in your company

France's version of this year's 
Europa stamp for postal vehicles
Finnish postbox

the Renault Z.E. (zero emission) was the first electric vehicle to win International Van of the Year 2012. It has a range of about 170km (which should deliver a lot of mail!)



  1. Wow nice stamps! It's overwhelming to read that info about the Moscow postal service.

  2. I like the old vehicle in the first one but there is something touching about that Finnish mailbox.

  3. I like how they have assembled all the items on the Russian one. The Russian time warp of mail is indeed a mystery.

  4. Russian mail usually takes longer than other European countries, and the time is also inconsistent. Sometimes it takes even longer than a month.

  5. 300 years, that's a long time. My favourite is the Finnish stamp, Finland has such great stamps.

  6. Lovely stamps. I hope the postal service will continue around the world. Back here, the telegraph service closed down for good, and was all over the news as people rushed to send out their last telegrams.

  7. Great looking stamps. Always interesting to see what countries put on there stamps. Interesting post.

  8. So nice to see all these stamps from all over the world! Thank you for participating.

  9. 300 hundred years is before the Penny Black. I wonder what services were available in 1711.Great stamps especially from Finland.


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