Wednesday, September 4, 2013

street signs - Erie

These fancy black street signs belong to the Queen Street Arts and Culture District of Niagara Falls. The signs might have you expecting a little more than is offered, but this is the old downtown area that is being revitalized with restaurants, art galleries and performance venues. It is only about five minutes (by car) away from the falls but is a world away from the tackiness carnival atmosphere of Clifton Hill. (a special place for the locals, perhaps?) It is here you will find the Paris Crepes Bistro that Lesley showed last week and where I ate yesterday. My crepes - with goat cheese, walnut and honey! - were sublime.
Anyway, this is one of the north-south streets in the area named for bodies of water. Just west of Erie Ave is Ontario Ave, followed by St Clair Ave, and St Lawrence Ave with Huron Ave running parallel to Queen St.

the fifth in a series of street signs for signs,signs


  1. Replies
    1. yes, they are. it's a shame the street still has so many empty buildings.

  2. I know where that is. :)

    Nice sign captured.

  3. The day I was there, the streets were empty, but it was a very hot Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad you went to eat there! I'll have to make a return trip someday.

  4. Very classy-looking street signs! Hopefully they will help attract some new tenants for those empty buildings you mentioned above.


    1. when I was in that area last summer, Queen street had been torn up for construction for two years! I'm sure that didn't help. not sure when it was all finished. it looks nice now.

  5. Oh I hope the revitalization succeeds and if we are ever lucky enough to be in that area I would seek out these special local hangouts(we always try to do that wherever we are as we are not fans of tacky/carnival/tourist. (Even though we are the latter!)

  6. I love when they spruce up a downtown area...hope it is successful.
    Love those street signs

  7. Love how the single Q letter seems to crown the signs! Creative street signs.

  8. Lovely signs. It is great when cities work to revitalize their downtown areas.


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