Sunday, September 15, 2013

se-tenant stamps

I was quite thrilled to find this block of stamps. 
birds are a particular favourite of mine 
especially waterbirds.

It also helps that the latin names are included on the stamps.

Myophonus insularis -  Taiwan Whistling Thrush
Cinclus pallasii -  Brown Dipper
Aix galericulata -  Mandarin Duck
Nycticorax Nycticorax-  Night Heron
Egretta garzetta -  Little Egret

Rhyacornis fuliginosa -  Plumbeous Water Redstart
Enicurus scouleri -  Little Forktail
Motacilla cinerea -  Grey Wagtail
Alcedo atthis -  Common Kingfisher
Motacilla alba -  White Wagtail

this is a set of se-tenant stamps for Sunday Stamps

edited to add a link to the whistling thrush call


  1. A nice block of bird stamps. They are linked together like the mushroom stamps on the postcard I posted.

  2. they are beautiful...lovely shade of blue for the background

  3. Nice collection....the only one I am familiar with is the Kingfisher.

  4. These are beautiful. I love the name "Taiwan Whistling Thrush". I wonder what it sounds like.

  5. Yes, I too was struck by the Whistling Thrush. I imagine it whistles!

  6. here is a description of the thrush's call:
    The call is a sharp, loud, high-pitched whistle which has been likened to the sound of screeching bicycle brakes. The slow, unhurried song is a mixture of shrill whistles, scratchy notes, melodious phrases and short trills.

  7. But this is for next week of Sunday Stamps! :P

    1. next week (22 Sept) is for national costumes

    2. Right. Sorry, I meant for 29 Sept. Anyway, this block of stamps is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


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