Thursday, October 9, 2008

...and we're back

Wow, is it that time already? How are y'all doing??

Well, I think maybe part of my not sleeping problem was corrected during the past 9 days as I had no computer to distract me. No computer to play games on. To read blogs on. To read The Times and The Guardian on. To get email messages on.

It has been HELL, I tell you. I've missed you all. And thank you those of you who sent messages and emails, but I am fine. It was my Dell that was very, very sick. So sick she crashed and required major surgery. Whole new innards. So this will be short while I try to find where all my recovered data has been put. Because, of course, I did not back up anything. Panic ensued, but all is okay now. I think.


  1. Welcome back! You mean we're supposed to back up stuff? Guess I'll give it some thought.

  2. Glad you're okay! Thanks for stopping by.

    (Ever thought of getting a Mac?)

  3. Cheers, ears! (As we say in these here parts.)

  4. Glad to see you, Sanna! I keep telling myself to get an external drive for back-up. What am I waiting for? All my photos, for one, I need to back them up.

  5. Hey Vee-Oletski, nice to see you're back on track. I agree with Robin but I'm still having a hell of a hard time figuring out our Mac. Even if it doesn't crash....

    Have a great weekend and make sure you don't OD on sushi ;-)

  6. She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

    And now she'll back up. Won't she??

  7. Welcome back! Lovely to have found your email last night.

    Last year my Dell laptop crashed. Just like that, I hadn't listened to the warning signs... and I didn't know what to do so I did the worst thing I could have done, reformat it. Yeah, music, photos, files, gone, erased, gone. All the beautiful photos I took of my godchild gone. I cried.

    Then the settings got fixed and I purchased an external hard drive. They're so cheap now (you can get a very good one that will hold a gazillion of bites for less than $100), no reason not to have one.

    Now that I have a new HP laptop (the screen of the Dell eventually burned out so it's useless) with the dreaded Vista I'm doing better but everything is backed up on a monthly basis. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  8. miwise: It is amazing what these computer guys can retrieve. But, yeah, I'd give it some thought.

    Robin: A little frustrated and lost, but absolutely fine. A mac, eh?

    saggitarian: I've never understood why these parts (us) never copied that stuff - didn't we all have pretty much the same ancestors and founding 'fathers' from over 'ome?


  10. Mr Jazz: a Mac, eh?????
    They don't crash??

    I have to do hors d'oeuvres for Thanksgiving and I would have brought sushi...

    Jazz: Yeah, as soon as I figure out exactly how to do that.

    UA: I need an external hard drive?? I thought just a floppy or CD would be fine. Must research, further.

  11. violetsky, think about it, to backup your entire computer (my iTunes library needed 15 CDs) would take boxes... whereas you get one of them puppy hit enter and voila, done. In case of crash, you get someone to plug it in, restore and voila, done again :)

    Easy peasy.

  12. Mac's do not crash. Before I met Jay, I had a pc and was on the phone to tech all the time.

    In 10 years we've never had a problem on any of our Mac's. (Knock wood....)

  13. Sounds like our computers died at almost the same time. I'm glad you're back.

  14. Phew! I thought you'd given up. Glad to see you back

  15. XUP: not yet.

    Geewits: yeah, I thought that too when I read your post - weird, eh?

    UA: ah - I was thinking of backing up individual files but, yeah, the whole kit 'n caboodle would be a good idea!

  16. It's good to see you here again, sweetie, but what about that back up, do you mean I need to do that too?


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