Friday, October 10, 2008

one beautiful weekend

Now that I am back, I am off again.

Searching for some fall colours.
And pumpkin pie. And apple cider.

Oh yeah, and family.
For which I am grateful.


  1. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

  2. Thanks, I will. This Thanksgiving looks to be almost perfect.

  3. Enjoy your trip, your family, the colours and the search for apple cider. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Boy, you are all over the place these days. Enjoy your time with your family. We're going apple picking next week, as a certain variety will be in season then.

    BTW, are you the last nice Canadian?:

  5. I like your new header, has it been up there long? Have fun with your family and the rituals of Autumn. Give thought to the ending of the season and the beginning of the barren time. Bbbrrr...

  6. Mr. Nightime - We're all mostly nice -- there are just a few freaks out there who get all the attention and give us a bad name. Have a lovely Thanksgiving Violetsky

  7. Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for. It's good to look up occasionally and see it.

    CJ xx

  8. UA: the colours were peaking in Orillia and the family were perky.

    Mr Nighttime: that is very unusual behaviour. Which apples are you going for?

    Jazz and Xup: hanks. and the same for you all.

    CJ: I was thankful to get through the traffic unscathed (among other things)

    Irene: According to the weather reports we have until Wednesday before it turns on us!

    The new header I put up just before my computer crashed - so, yes and no.

  9. "Mr Nighttime: that is very unusual behaviour. Which apples are you going for?"

    We're going for Northern Spys. Don't know if you have them up there or not, but they make the best pie apples I have ever tasted. The crop just started coming out, so we're probably going next week to Hurd Orchard, about 25 min. from here.

  10. Mr Nighttime: Firstly, the "unusual behaviour" bit referred to the election article, not the apple picking. Just want to make that clear! And yes, Northern Spys are the best apple pie apples. Have fun.


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