Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sam and Ella are home

Good news folks --- Sam and Ella have been returned!

Hamilton police returned Sam and Ella to at
noon yesterday. The turtle went missing Monday, leaving owner Marc
Cunningham heartbroken.

Police recovered the turtle Cunningham says is "priceless" after they got a call from the school. A student had taken the turtle and was turned in by others after they read about Sam and Ella's plight in The Spectator.

As a result, Cunningham will give a $300 reward to the Maplewood Avenue school.
"That's very generous of him," principal Kevin Heer said. "We're just really happy the turtle has been recovered and it's back at its rightful place."

Cunningham said he started getting calls at about 6:30 a.m. yesterday. Some said they had seen a young girl with the turtle. Others just called to express their concern.

The turtle is extremely rare and needs to be hand-fed to survive."He's back home now, and folks are welcome to come and see him, but he is in a locked container," Cunningham added.

Now, for your added enjoyment here is a turtlecam I stumbled upon. I was going to post a picture of a regular, boring, old one-headed red eared slider for you, but this is so much better. Maybe.


  1. We'll all sleep better knowing the weird mutant turtle was returned.

    I want a turtle. One with just one head will do.

  2. Jazz: of course you do - remember though that they live a very long time (mine has grown through 4 aquaria)

  3. yay, am really glad sam & ella has been returned and hopefully non the worse for the ordeal.

    How is Otis?


  4. Well, thank god for that. This is turning into quite the turtle blog. It may be the only turtle blog in existence anywhere in the free world!

  5. Well, that's a good outcome!

    Sam and he serious? Sounds like salmonella. Or maybe it is meant to? Crikey, this is too hard for me today.

  6. MA: I think they have short memories, so all should be okay.

    XUP: y'know, catblogs have been so overdone.

    Sagittarian: yeah, I think it is a warped sense of humour.


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