Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's a an interesting concept from Chuck Westbrook, a twist on the Book Club. A few days ago he had a post on his blog to help create a community of bloggers among those who have a small audience with those who are ever seeking new reading material. All you have to do is subscribe to the feed on his blog and show your interest by signing up in the comments section. Out of this list a blog will be chosen and everyone flocks to the chosen blog and swells their sitemeter and comments. More details will follow as this takes shapes, but hop on over to his October 23th post - already there are 438 blogs signed up to participate.

THE BIG IDEA: Ending the tragedy of underappreciated blogs
This is a problem we can do something about without too much trouble. Here’s what I’m thinking.Gather some nice bloggers who believe in helping good content rise. The more the merrier. This becomes our group for the project. A good, lesser-known blog is chosen. Everyone in the group will read that blog for two weeks.
At the end of the two weeks, the group moves to another blog to read. With scores of bloggers focused on a particular blog, the author should see many nice things happen over those two weeks, especially if the blog really is a hidden gem. This includes discussions, traffic, constructive criticism, encouragement, and connecting to some of the bloggers in the group. That author then joins the group and we move along and do it again.


  1. I couldn't do something like that. Just the thought of it makes me nervous. I get nervous anytime a "stranger" leaves a comment on my blog. I'm just weird like that. I actually like having a tiny group of readers. I would blog if no one read it at all. I think of it as a record of events I guess.

  2. geewits: I would continue to blog even if no-one read mine, but I fear it might get rather boring. I realize that I write for an audience (real, virtual or imagined) even if it is for my benefit. I actually get a little thrilling flutter when I see a comment from someone new.

  3. So I could stop in and leave an anonymous comment and it would give you a thrill? Hee hee. I could do that.

  4. geewits: don't think I'd feel the same about an anonymous comment - haven't actually had one, yet.


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