Sunday, December 7, 2008

daft draft

There is a draft on my feet. My place is actually a trifle chilly. A little surprising as I live in a high rise.

It is the air conditioner's fault.

No, I don't have it on. Actually, I don't even think I turned it on once all summer. Which would make it doubly a shame to go to all that effort to remove it only to put it back in the window next summer. And maybe not use it.

But there is a definite draft coming from all around the unit. Needs a blanket of plastic over it methinks.

But for now, I'll take my tea and return to the cosy room.

Where I have my own perpetual footwarmer.


I thought I'd start on getting my meager decorations out of their boxes and in view to be enjoyed.
This one is one of my many bird ornaments and I enjoy him so much I've kept him out all year.


  1. Tonight after work I'm posting a parcel....

  2. That's what I never got about Christmas: why do we hide the ornaments we like most all those days of the year?

    At my place, it's 'forever Christmas', well, sort of ;-)

  3. Pretty bird, pretty bird.

    Stay warm.

  4. Your kitty looks very cozy in that little nest. My cats take over all the afghans in my house. I have to run them off to use them myself.

    That's a pretty bird ornament. Are the feathers its tail? I have a glass cardinal that has real feathers for its tail.

  5. I would keep that bird out all year too. And I would keep that cat out all year too, even in the summer when you don't need him as a foot warmer.

  6. That is a really nice ornament. Shiny but not tacky.

  7. Peter: I actually have most of my bird ornaments out all year, though they live on a palm frond in the spring and summer.

    Ruth: Now I want some chicken ornaments after seeing your group!

  8. Susan: Yes, the white feathers are it's tail. It's actually not a great shot of it, I see now!

    I've learned to keep the afghans and throws in a closed basket, but lately she prefers only the bed. (and all the bed.)

    Irene: Yes! The cat gets to stay out, she's actually too lazy to go anywhere else!

    Guillaume: Thanks - I know so many Christmas ornaments are rather tacky. Do we get to see your tree?

  9. Love the decorations!

    I also have a foot warmer, she also does leg, arms, belly, sides :) of course, when I'm having a hot flash like I've had last week, she's the last thing I want attached to my body. Alas, she doesn't know that :)


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