Friday, December 19, 2008

Scarlett grows a storm




  1. Wow, you have real genuine snow, the real white untrodden kind that is pretty to look at and fun to walk in. We haven't seen snow like that in many years,

    And your amaryllis has gotten so big. It is about to bloom, it seems. Can't wait to see what it looks like then.

  2. Wow - beautiful pictures. I hope you are nice and warm inside.

    The amaryllises look fab, all ready for christmas - perfect.

    wish I could send you some of my baking but it wouldn't fit down the broadband line, oh well I will have to eat them instead (a real hardship!!!)

  3. Irene: yes, the one on the right has grown more than 10"

    MA: you can't really see in the first picture unless you click on it and look closely, but the snow was flying horizontal and swirling about!

  4. If the local snowy weather continues, you'll get a real
    "white Christmas",
    an event that we in Belgium
    haven't seen the passed 40 year!
    (Antwerp, Belgium: 10C/50F with rain)

  5. Peter: it is expected (predicted) that the whole of Canada will have a white Christmas - something that hasn't happened here in 40 years! (Vancouver doesn't usually get snow)

    Right now it is -12C, I'd rather have your weather!

  6. I just received one from one of the director on my roster at work. It's a white one. I put it near the lamp between the sofa and the dining room table so I can also monitor its progress. So far it's a bit shy :) maybe it's the cat?

    We're preparing ourselves for another snowstorm starting overnight. I did my run today so I won't have to go out in this crazy weather tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to a white Christmas in all of Canada!

  7. I think Scarlett's been on drugs of some sort.

  8. I like inside better thank you very much.


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