Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photo Hunt - stripes

More flowers - and look: they're pink! (not my favourite colour, remember?), but they are stripey, in a broken stripe sort of way.

Or, have a gander at this wall mural I found in a part of Toronto called The Beaches.
I'd like to say, any day now we can get out our striped t-shirts and head out to the water...

but at the moment it is cold and rainy and very, very windy.
We had a dry March - not a flake of snow during the whole month (for the first time in 50 years since records have been kept), but the rain is making up for it this weekend.

to see what other stripes were found from around the world, check out PhotoHunt


  1. I like your shots. I didn't know there was someone else out there who didn't just absolutely adore the color pink! It's not my favorite either, but I love that photo. The flowers are gorgeous and definitely striped.
    The mural is fantastic also.

  2. That is a very pretty flower. I don't have a favorite color in flowers... but sunflowers are my favorite.

  3. Lovely flower, I also notice a striped in flowers long time ago. Great take

  4. the colors

  5. Nice stripes. I suppose if you go looking for them, you find them anywhere. Maybe I ought to join these photo hunts. Let me figure that out.

  6. I fell in love with your Subway
    that Toronto wall mural is awesome, especially since this huge painting is apparently being respected.

    In my hometown the graffiti vandals would attack it right away....

    Spring is in the air in Belgium and I'm also in the mood to fill my balcony with flowers.

  7. On behalf of those of us who DO love pink, thank you for that photo!
    Very cool mural too. There just aren't enough murals in the world - probably because as Peter notes, they so often get covered with graffiti.

  8. I'm not wild about most pinks, but those flowers are made up of so many different shades that I can't resist them. An yes, definitely stripes!
    Thanks for visiting.

  9. It's a Subway!!! What a great store.
    And the flowers, pink geraniums I think. I remember having an african violet with the striped and speckled look. The stripes were pink but the speckles were a lavender blue and it was so beautiful. I think there is a variety of geranium with candy cane red and white stripes as well.
    My stripes are here.

  10. Good stripes! The exhibit was as wonderful as you'd expect!

  11. Damned Subway. Way to ruin a lovely collage.

  12. Sherry: thank you, I keep finding things I like though, in spite of their pinkness.

    C-G-Q: my favourite flower keeps changing every time I see one.

    O Biscuit: thanks for visiting.

    Char: they almost took my breath away.

  13. BEAUTIFUL Flower....Really gorgeous! And the Mural is pretty terrific, too! Do you know what flower that is? I LOVE The Stripes!

  14. Irene: I enjoy doing these - it keeps me focused when I'm taking photos. (and gives me somewhere to put them!)

    Peter: living in a smaller town, I was quite taken aback by how much graffiti was around in this area, so this mural was a pleasant surprise.

    Pinklea: isn't it a fun mural? you are right, there aren't enough.

    Dragonstar: they wouldn't have been nearly so dramatic had they been solid, would they?

    srp: yes, they are geraniums - Pink Mosaic.

    June: thanks for visiting.

    XUP: I know. and doesn't that mustachioed guy look almost interested in a 12"?

  15. Naomi: oops, just missed you - it is a geranium called Pink Mosaic.

  16. But geraniums are so old fashioned and comfortable, full of memories of past times, grandparents, and love...

  17. Delwyn: another one who snuck in!! They are old fashioned, staid and oh, so dependable.

  18. Those are very clear flower stripes. Well done.

  19. You do have gorgeous murals in Toronto!! (Flowers are good, too, but a rather bright pink for my taste!!)

  20. Alice Audrey: thank you!

    Gilly: they are a bit bright for my garden too, but looked great in the greenhouse. I love murals - must seek out more.


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