Sunday, April 12, 2009

SundayStills - red

Our story today is about RED.
Above, we have my planter. I was hoping the tulips would be red, but apart from not being ready for this week's challenge, they will be yellow. There were yellow and purple crocuses on the other side, yellow daffodils and purple muscari on this side. After the yellow tulips will be the iris - any guesses on their colour?

The silly grinning gnome with the red cap is Jimmy. He's so named because I just can't seem to take anyone seriously who is named Jimmy (no offense to any Jimmy's out there, but really, James is a great sounding name. how did it ever become Jimmy out of James, anyway?).

While admiring my wee garden I had breakfast

the last hot cross bun with a cherry on top.

then off for a walk

red fire hydrants on lawns

red Muskoka chairs on porches

and even red balloons on trees

until I reach my destination

which even has a triangle I could have used yesterday!
For more RED things in the yard and beyond, see SundayStills.


  1. Nice, the muffin looks yummy!

  2. The chair looks so inviting and the hot cross bun no words necessary.

  3. I like the little gnome peeking out at me! lol

  4. Love the gnome's hat peeking out! Great shots! :)

  5. nice muffin..but i like the fire hydrants more.... classic.



  6. looks like you had glorious red in abundance

  7. I like the Muskoka chair - here we call them Adirondak chairs, but they are very comfy on a nice spring morning!

  8. Hi Violet,

    when i came home from a gym class earlier Beloved had the coffee pot bubbling and a toasted hot cross bun ready.

    Now his name is James and some call him Jimmy (not me) and after that lovely expression of Easter Mon love I'm ready to take him seriously....

    I'm intrigued that you use the word 'wee.' It's such a NZ word, not used here in Au, perhaps it's the NZ Scottish settlers that brought it to NZ.

  9. Yummy looking hot cross bun ...would be nice to eat while sitting on that chair in the sun!

  10. It's nice to see that you are having springtime over there as well. Isn't it glorious? I love looking around me and seeing what else has turned green or whatever color has popped up out of the ground.

  11. Sanna, what a great post! I never really thought much about gnomes before, but I've seen two posts with gnomes in the last week or two and now I just have to have one! I love how "Jimmy" is peeking out around the planter. My dad's name was James, but everyone called him Jimmy.

  12. :) love it.. I have a new memory card and must get out more with it!
    Thanks, x

  13. I think the little gnome is my fav...though you have my complete attention with the buns :)

  14. Ed: the hot cross bun was yummy

    CTG: thanks

    WhimsybyMari: those chairs look especially inviting by a lake

    JenMo and Andrea: he looks best when he's peeking

  15. kong: so many subtle differences in all the fire hydrants posted

    Char: almost too much to choose - therefore the themed walk

    J9: we also use 'Adirondack'- maybe it's only in Ontario we say 'Muskoka'

    Oliag: that chair would have been hard to get out of after coffee and buns

  16. Irene: spring is just not coming fast enough, but is exciting to see shoots og greenery popping up

    Kelly; sorry buns are all gone ... glad you like my gnome

  17. Katie: oh yes, do get out in the nicer weather - I feel so much better having this bit of creativity. and I love seeing the views from where other bloggers live.

    Susan: I don't know why, but 'Jimmy' just always makes me laugh when I hear it. I'll have to do a post on the gnome, sometime.

  18. Delwyn: now if you were to introduce him as Jimmy, I'd probably miss everything that came after it from silently laughing inside. Some names just have that effect, I guess. I wish I had coffee and treats waiting when I came home.

    Wee comes from my Scottish mother.
    Surprised they don't say it in AU. Maybe they are more English than NZ?

  19. I love Muskoka chairs - 'cept we call them Adirondack chairs.

  20. I love your Jimmy/James commentary, and the fire hydrant photo is just wonderful!

  21. Your mini-garden looks great (despite Jimmy and his evil grin keeping watch). I've been waiting to see it in bloom!

  22. Jazz: it is probably a Central Ontario thing to call them Muskoka, though The Adirondacks had better PR.

    Louise: thanks! and the bit that was cropped out of the photo showed more muskoka/adirondack chairs on their porch that matched the yellow of the fire hydrant!

    Pinklea: I knew you were waiting ... and there's more to come. I love this garden, especially that it is blooming in stages.

    In reality we barely have crocuses blooming now.


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