Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white ...

The fresh air, even the cold air of -9 can be a healing thing. Especially if you are dressed with flannel pyjamas under wind resistant pants and two layers of fleece and a wind resistant jacket. And two layers of warm socks.
(I don't know why people think I might be hard to buy for, I so obviously live in pyjamas.....)

XUP was hoping that I'd get socks to keep my feet warm - or was she concerned about my penguin (below: Monday AMuse)? I could share my chenille ones with him. Do you think he'd like the ones scented to make his feet smell like mangos?

And I gave Jazz a bit of a fright after her return from the desert. Snow falling on my blog. No, think of it as petals from a Lilly Pilly tree.
That's the snow that Meggie gets in Australia as you can see here. (photo from Meggie's blog)

And if we keep going

we'll eventually end up here. (beach photo from flikr)
Don't know where it is exactly, but mojitos all around, let's go find it!


  1. I'm glad you were feeling well enough to venture outside in nose-hair-freezing cold.

    That beach is so perfect it looks like it was dreamed up by Pixar! I'm ready to go. Can I have a SeaBreeze instead of a mojito?

  2. Brrr. Bring on the sun, the sand, and the fruity tropical drinks!

  3. I want to be at the place of your last picture.

  4. We have ice but no snow. Maybe tomorrow. Violetsky, are you getting enough Vitamin C? Last year I took 1000 mg every day and had good health through the year. Why did I stop and leave myself open to allergies and sinus stuff? Take massive amounts of Vitamin C!! Big chewable tablets.

    My comfort food is something warm from the oven, fresh biscuits or raisin scones. Yum.

  5. Susan: you can have anything you'd like, any time.
    (and I'm not that much better, I just have to keep going to work)

    Citizen: I'm willing it to happen

    Ian: Oooh, yes, me too. Maybe a blogmeet?

  6. Miwise: So good to see you!!
    I've been eating lots of raisin bread. Egg bread is next.
    And my bottle of Vit C is a little past best before date because, I, erm, um, keep forgetting.
    Bad, Bad me.

  7. i am so on that sandy beach. it was -7 here today and boy it was cold. My windscreen was frozen inside and outside.


  8. MA: I know. I found a Vacations Homes magazine in the laundry room and have been dreaming ever since.

  9. I WAS concerned about the penguin, but also about you via the penguin since you'd been sick and the penguin just brought to mind you wandering around in the cold in the wee hours of the morning

  10. XUP: yeah, actually that was an unintentional connection, but ended up being rather apropos!

  11. brrr have been cold all day today here and now an nursing a lemsip before tucking in for the night!! Love the penguin and want some socks...
    it's so cold here and not even snowing.. thats not fair!!

  12. Sounds like you know how to stay warm. But scented socks? Whut?

  13. I got chenille socks for Christmas. I also got mango shower gel. Should I put them together? (Might be a little mushy, but I think the scent would be divine!)

  14. I don't know how you can move with all those layers on ;)

    That last photo must be heaven. I wanna be there!

  15. Oh, goodness, that warm tropical beach is where I would love to be right now.

  16. Considering our weather is basically identical to yours, a warm beach in Australia sounds like a very fine idea. Hmm...I ought to ring up my friend John in Adelaide to see if he has some extra space.

    Now, about that plane ticket...

  17. If you really want to know what cold is, come with me to the football tonight, 7.45 kick off, Derby County v Manchester United. You wouldnt sit in the garden tonight but football matches, great. The height of insanity!

  18. Oddly enough, this actually kinda made me warm... Am I backwards??

  19. Noha: not at all.

    Ken: sports addicts can be a little insane.

    Mr Nighttime: when is the next seat sale?

    Jo: I'll bet.

    Drowsey: thinsulate, it's great.

    Pinklea: my socks I wear inside get scented from my foot lotion.

    Geewits: trial and error. menopause helps.

    Rainbow: yeah, cold without snow is unfair.

  20. Definitely a blogmeet under the palms!!

  21. Meggie: get the drinks trolley ready!


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