Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ha! Ha!

I recently took a driving holiday to Quebec. One of the places I wanted to see was this town.
With those exclamation marks in its name I thought surely it must be an interesting place.
It is the only town in the world with 2 exclamation points in its name.

A ha ha is a landscape design that creates a lowered vertical wall that still allows an uninterrupted view.

Sadly, there was not much there.
an obligatory huge church and the obligatory small post office
(from where I mailed myself a generic postcard to get the postmark of the town's name)

There was nowhere even to stop for a coffee, but there were amazing views (especially from the church!)

Though, I have since discovered - from reading the French Wikipedia page - there is an Observatory, which might have been interesting had I been around in the evening to see the night sky.

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