Sunday, January 4, 2009

winter skating

Few Dutch artists have enjoyed as much widespread renown and popularity for their work during their lifetime as Anton Pieck. His prolific works include etchings, book illustrations, watercolours, oil paintings, graphics, lithographs, woodcuts.

Anton Pieck is probably best known from his calendars and Christmas cards which made his art affordable and available to everyone. He lived from 1895 to 1987, yet his illustrations and watercolours evoked a nostalgic theme from a time he never actually experienced. Winter and fall themes are more favoured than summer and spring and many include skaters. His scenes of Dutch townscapes comprise of a surprising amount of detail depicting every day life.

This detailing in his images have made them a popular medium for paper-tole (3-D images of a painting, made by taking 4-7 copies and carefully cutting and layering).

His love of fairytale shows in his images that are full of soft edges and muted colours that make his work immediately recognizable.
In the 1950's the world's first theme park, the Efteling with the Fairy Tale Forest, designed from Pieck's drawings of fairy tales was opened. He was involved as the chief designer of the park for several decades.

You can see more of his work here


  1. I remember looking at some of his stuff as a kid and liking how much incredible detail was in there.

  2. What wonderful artwork! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Whim: you are welcome

    Citizen: and I like how you have to really look at the piece to see the detail in all the muted colour

  4. I wonder why one person can do this sort of thing and the majority can't. 'Aint life strange.

  5. Oh his work is wonderful. I didn't know his name. I love love love nostalgic illustrators.

  6. Ken: maybe so that there is a bigger audence for the ones who can?

    Ruth: I fell in love with his work, which was everywhere, when I lived in Amsterdam.

  7. I loved watching these drawings, as the "Efteling" theme park (just across the border in Holland)
    was one of the highlights of my childhood:
    each year my parents took me on a day out, magical days that I will remember forever.


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