Friday, May 15, 2009

where I get a little intoxicated

The day started out promising enough.
Lots of rain, severe winds, with thunder storms to come.
Such was the forecast.
(embiggen for full effect)

Sixty-seven minutes of idling here and I was off - directly into more rain, more wind, even darker skies. Oh yeah, this was not going to be a good hair day. But, at the end of my journey would be fellow blogger and night worker Mr Nighttime. My second blogmeet, his first. (I am his first!!)
We ate, we laughed, we listened to music, we shared stories. We didn't take photos of each others feet or backs or obscured reflections as proof of our meeting (though it was suggested). And we didn't discuss other bloggers (much), mostly because we don't share too many blogfriends - though that may change, as you will all want to read his version of events, won't you? Mr Nighttime generously drove me around some of the most scenic parts of Rochester, and I generously did not make him stop every 100 yards so I could take a picture of the most scenic buildings and views the city has to offer. We had an agenda. Mine was to see the lilacs and his was to let me see his theatre. A tour of his soon to be no more theatre, a chance to stand on stage and gaze out over an empty auditorium... an insiders' view, an actor's enthusiasm... what a treat.

Then the day turned more promising.

We both live in Wine Country and in cities reknowned for Lilac Festivals. So a little comparison was in order. I deliberately chose this, the only wet-windy-forecasted day of the week for my visit because of the Lilac Festival and it being Wine and Blues Day. And it did not disappoint. Though, would it be uncharitable to complain that the brilliant sunshine was a little too brilliant for photos? One of the disadvantages of a point-and-shoot. The wind however, swirled the scent of the heavenly lilacs to almost giddying porportions at times.

After sampling several of the wines on offer in the free wine tent, and sampling the heady aroma of the several (hundred) lilacs on offer in the free park, I have to say that Niagara wines are far superior to Finger Lakes wines, but the Highland Park Festival just may be superior to our Royal Botanical Gardens Lilac Festival.

Afterall, this is a city that even paints her streets purple in celebration of the lilac!

Meeting blog friends though, is incomparable.


  1. Ah-ha! I've been wondering where you've been. Rochester, indeed. Finger lakes wines? Pfft. I grew up in Niagara and am a big fan of the wine -- right after French wine, of course.

  2. Hey, I told you, those weren't the best wines in that tent. Looks like I'm going to have to mail you a bottle of that Pinot Noir I told you about.

    Pfft on Finger Lakes wines? I don't think so... ;-)

  3. Oh, I'll be posting my thoughts tomorrow, too much of a busy day today to write...

  4. Pinot noir???
    While you're at it, you can mail me a bottle of one of those beauties too...


    Glad you guys had such a good time. Blog meets are the best!

  5. Sounds like a fun day! And I caught that little reference, don't think I didn't! lol

    My lilac is blooming, but it pales in comparison to those beauties! And what's not to like about purple-painted streets?

  6. oh!!! what beauty...and what fun.

    I'm insanely jealous of the wine and lilacs but so glad you had a great time.

  7. Violet - you are an adventurous little pixie...

    what gorgeous lilacs - just your colour...

    Happy days

  8. XUP: to be honest, I hadn't even considered that the Finger Lakes were a wine region until I saw the festival events guide. And, yes, Niagara is most definitely the best.

    Mr Nighttime: first impressions and all that, the wine was the only disappointment.

  9. Frogdancer: you haven't tried Pinot Noir??? Find some, quick.

    Susan: ;)
    I thought the painted streets were great fun!

    Char: and next weekend our lilac festival begins.

    Delwyn: I don't think I've ever been called a pixie before! thanks.

  10. Sounds gorgeous! I could get drunk on the lilac scent alone, never mind the wine! ;)

  11. A great post and so diplomatic that both cities should win an accolade each. It's nice to hear of a successful and enjoyable blogger partner meet up.

  12. I have yet to meet up with a fellow blogger, but all of you live far away. Some day...

    Isn't wine tasting a great event? You get to compare and imbibe for free and say your wine is best.

    The lilacs are superb. Have never seen so many together. What a heady thing that must be.

  13. Gilly: yes, me too. and the wine samples were way too tiny (but it was free).

    LGS: I am a model of Canadian diplomacy (I'm also 'kind, sometimes').

    Irene: on my next trip to the UK, you are on my list for a stopover. Of course, I only go to the UK every 5 years, so stick around until then, okay?!

  14. I love lilacs. In fact, today I just transplanted a lilac that is refusing to bloom to a sunnier location.

  15. Sure kiddo, I'll be around for another five years at least. It will be very good to see you. I can't wait!

  16. I have to say a blogmeet hadn't occurred to me til I read about yours. But a kindred spirit, wine, and a grand tour - hard to beat!

  17. Ah, sounds like a brilliant and very special day. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of my blogging buddies in the next week or two.

  18. It's a pleasure to read you had a great time with Mr Nighttime Violet.

    I've been reading both your blogs and I was convinced that the both of you meeting would become a very pleasurable experience indeed!

    Maybe a certain distance even helps: I've met a couple of local bloggers, but being too close had the opposite effect ("calling is easier " ;-)

  19. I caught the reference too, and don't think I didn't. smile.

    How fun, glad it went well and you got some beautiful lilac photos. The lilacs have been just incredible this year, it seems there are more of them and they are far bigger than just one year would lead to.

    Now I'm off to see Mr. Nightime's version of events.

  20. Citizen: I've always said, if I had a house with a yard the first thing I'd plant would be a lilac (and then a willow)

    Deborah: Really? I sometimes forget that some of my blogging 'friends' are people I have never met. Having a backup activity is always a good idea...

    Vanilla: I've met 3 bloggers and look forward to more. Hope your meetups go well.

  21. Peter: Yeah, I guess, having a distance - virtual and real - is a good idea sometimes.

    Ruth: That was included just for you (and Susan)! We actually started with the back photos, but never continued. Our Lilac Festival starts next weekend, so I get to do it again.

  22. Here in Indiana the lilacs are finished blooming. Mom brought one bouquet that didn't last nearly long enough. I've planted 3 starts that I hope will do well.

    What fun to meet a fellow blogger and enjoy lilacs at the same time! Unfortunately, wine gives me an instant headache. You can have my share.

  23. The lilacs are lovely our are just coming into bud now it will be another month before they bloom. Lilacs thrive up here whereas many plant can't stand the cold.

    I like you new header but I liked you last one too.

  24. miwise: They never last long enough, the lilacs that is. Meeting new friends is fun.

    Berni: If you can only have certain floweing trees, lilacs would be the ones to have.

  25. Sounds like you had a great time! I've never met any bloggers, although a good friend and I became friends because we both had blogs.

  26. Kylie: I just had lunch with a friend who could not wrap her head around the whole idea of meeting up with someone I didn't know... I gave up explaining; guess you need to be a blogger to 'get it'.

  27. Very envious of the day of wine & lilacs! What a lovely combination. Good company seems to have rounded it all to perfection.

  28. Sounds you had a great time! Glad you had a fun blog meet:)


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