Thursday, July 30, 2009

a view

or, "where I visit Ottawa ... part 3"

click on this version to biggify
...and just for fun
here is a view from the rooftop of the War Museum
also in Hull (or Gatineau, as it is now called)
the grass on the roof is to symbolize the fields in France
the clouds above symbolize rain


  1. lol i liked "the clouds above symbolize rain" :) heh
    nice photos

  2. Ooh, even sweeter in biggy version! Love that skyline!

    How clever of you to connect clouds with rain! lol

  3. The clouds above...


  4. I don't know why everyone is applauding you for the clouds when the museum must spend a lot of time and effort to keep them there all the time. And to listen to or read some of the Ottawaians they do in fact keep them there all the time.

  5. I have no idea how they keep those clouds up there all the time. They fall down on a daily basis, drenching the city and all who enter her, yet the clouds remain intact throughout the sky -- dark and menacing. It's a miracle of modern technology, I tells ya.

  6. ... and if XUP doesn't know, then it is unknowable. Trust me on this one.

    Nice photos, though, VioletSky.

  7. Those clouds just keep regrouping and drinking lots and pissing lots...

    Now, see the difference in the sky - those museums are not that far away from each other.

  8. Great photos for Sky Watch Friday, we do like to see the sky in all kinds of different moods and different angles.

  9. I love those skylines! Esepcially the first one - I hadn't got an idea of the scale until I saw little people waving from the top of a building, and even littler people down on the grass!

    I'm used to rain -makes the pavements shine a treat! ;)

  10. I love that white building in the first picture that's just right of center. The one with the little black turrets. Do you know what that is?

  11. Pearl Maple, the sky was being very moody.

    Gilly, quite the scale isn't it? that's why I wanted it to be full screen for the best effect.

    Geewits, that is the Chateau Laurier Hotel

  12. Very cool, thats one city I'd like to visit one day..:-)

  13. Thanks for symbolizing so much. Very nice graphic balls in the header.

  14. Deborah, that infinity pool is pretty cool.

    Ed, just bring your truck on over...

    chrome3d, you're welcome. and thanks.

    Vodka Mom, glad you like, and that you visited, too.


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