Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All in all, my life is pretty good. I really have few things to complain about, although I do.
And it all seems so petty, the things I find irritating.

Really, I have a home and easy transportation to wherever I want to go.
I have a job - actually I have 3 jobs.
I have enough money to buy food that is plentiful and within a very short distance.
I have more water at my disposal than I could ever possibly use.
I do not need to share my home with several other people.
I do not even need to share a toilet with several other people.
I have a toilet.
I am healthy and have few real fears for my health and safety.
If I get tired of this life I could change it.

So many people do not even have these basics.

I found out about this on Worldman's blog.
On August 19, 2009 is the inaugural World Humanitarian Day
This link will take you to the UN office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
It is not happy reading, but you will learn much about the world we share.

On 19 August and for the first time, the international community will pay tribute to the brave humanitarian workers who devote their time and energy to come to the rescue of innocent victims of war and natural catastrophes across the world. The family of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the late Special Representative of the Secretary General in Iraq, deeply moved by the tragic bombing of the Headquarters of United Nations in Baghdad on 19th August 2003 that killed Sergio and 21 of his humanitarian colleagues, resolved to work towards having the day recognized as a befitting tribute to all humanitarian personnel.

~Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation


  1. Thanks for the link - kind of puts things in perspective when you list out your blessings.

  2. Indeed, good perspective. You're very lucky that you can leave your toilet lid whichever way you want without complaints! :-)

  3. I certainly count my blessings!
    Sunny :)

  4. I was wondering why my soap was getting all warm and fuzzy about aid to Africa and stuff. It's nice when TV shows do tie-ins with important stuff. My family and I were discussing this stuff when I was in N.C. and one of the biggest problems in the world is the lack of fresh water. People always think of things like food and healthcare and don't realize that something as simple as fresh water is a really big deal. Anyway, thanks for making us think - and count our blessings.

  5. I'm interested that you posted this today because for a couple of weeks I've been trying to stay focused with the kind of statements you listed. When I start feeling low or bored or whatever negative, I make myself stop and think about how many choices I have in my life, and constant comfort, joy, I mean it's ridiculous how much I have.

  6. Really, we are so blessed and don't even realize it. But that's usually the case isn't it?

  7. You would love my youngest daughter. She too is loving and caring, just like you.

  8. Thank you for this reminder of what is really important....my life has been very busy the past couple of weeks but when I stop to think, it has been busy in very nice ways, not in looking for food, or water, or shelter ways...Sometimes it is overwhelming to think of how fortunate I have been in comparison to many...


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