Saturday, September 26, 2009

PhotoHunt - twisted

My tires are getting a little worn and probably should be replaced now, but I am holding out until November so I can replace them with snow tires. Until then, I need to drive a little bit out of my way to find one of these every couple of weeks. There are very few gas stations that still have FREE AIR. What twisted mind decided it was a good idea to charge for air??

How difficult is it to put the hose back on the rack so that it is not perpetually twisted?
Now, this is a new one I found when I went looking for twisted hoses...

note the "please walk hose back to machine"

And on a completely different tack...
I see this on my way home from the gas station with free air.
How twisted do you have to be to think this is a good look for a front yard??

(click to embiggen for a better look)

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  1. That's great observing for the theme! We've got a couple of yards like that in our city.

  2. This is the best twisted post I've seen all day! LOL! I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on twisted people CHARGING for air! And that yard is hideous, but on the plus side for the owner, no weeding and no mowing. Guess it might appeal to someone. GREAT POST!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  3. Great thoughts on twisted! That last picture is certainly unusual. And I'd like to bet it takes quite a bit of attention. How bizarre. :)

  4. Fun photos. That garden is pretty twisted. It must be a pain to water all those pots. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  5. That yard is quite the wacky landscape! But it's definitely creative.

    I feel the same way about air machines! And those twisted hoses, UGH!

    Thanks for stopping by my Photo Hunt for today! Have a great weekend. :)

  6. I'm actually OK with the yard right up to the point of the donkey and cart. Then, not so much.

  7. I think it is twisted when they charge for air too. I had to click on the photo to see it bigger. It doesn't appeal to me, but at least it is well groomed and not a heap of twisted metal and overgrown grass which I have seen in some yards. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Susanne: at least the yards are a conversation piece.

    Heidi: those 'animals' have been there for years, but the pots keep changing.

    A: thanks, and I bet it takes some imagination ... and maybe even negotiating?

    Marta: thanks. the automatic sprinker system certainly wouldn't work for this garden!

  9. Mrs McComber: the time I have spent trying to untwist those hoses so it'll reach around the car, and even trying to put them back neatly once they are all twisted...

    Sandi: thanks. a last minute inspriation while topping up!

    Colleen: it is less busy in the winter - but then you have to see all the animals and insects!

    AliceAudrey: I rather like the huge pot with the coleus; they could have stopped there.

    Dawn: good point!

  10. The air hose looks better when it is not twisted, but hidden back into the machine...

    The yard is colorful and looks well taken care they decorate at Christmas ?? if so take a picture and show us.Thanks for sharing and visiting my place today.. Baba

  11. it is hard to find free air these days for sure - great find for the hunt


  12. I know what you mean about paying for air. But it might have something to do with the vandalism that happens to these expensive machines. Now if only we could think of something more fun for boys to do....

  13. That yard picture was crazy and it immediately made me think of my Granny saying, "Ain't no accounting for taste."

  14. Well, that yard certainly goes big! 'Patio pots' are hardly the term for those containers! Look like old baths to me - but who am I to criticise, I tried to grow vegetables in old supermarket crates! It didn't work, the compost was wrong I think. But at least they were in my back garden, not the front!

  15. I am always looking for air hoses to pump up my bicycle tires with. I know of only one place in town where I can do it, but I have a good pump myself now.

    I wouldn't want to live next door to that very interesting front yard. It's a little bit over done. I would get the urge to take that donkey cart out some dark and moonless night.

  16. Your post had all kinds of "twists" and turns! Loved it!

    Twisted anything drives me crazy, especially my panties!

    That yard is something else alright! You'd think they would at least have the common decency to hide it in the backyard! :P

    When the grandgirls get their clothes in a twist, I always say,
    "You're twisted, sister!" I know, I'm a cornball.

  17. My kidlets want to buy that house. They think the front yard is 'magical' lol! It does look like a lot of work to maintain, though.

    I feel your pain on the air situation. I've got a slow leak in my back tire and I make weekly trips to the gas station to refill. Only two stations offer free air, though. The other's charge 50 cents. Silly!
    I also have an electric air pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter for emergencies.

    Great post!


  18. Wow, that yard is definitely way too busy for my tastes. Animal cut-outs...interesting. :)

  19. Baba: I like that idea of hiding the hose. what took so long to come up with it, I wonder?

    Char: a very busy yard. and it seems Shell is the last holdout on the freebies.

    Stine: maybe. twisted minds are vandals, too. I just see these things as an arbitrary cashgrab.

    Geewits: you and granny are so right!

  20. Gilly: I think you could bury a body in those pots.

    Nora: living across the street might be worse - imagine seeing that first thing every time you woke up.

    Lisa: maybe this yard was all started for kids and got out of hand? The air is usually $1 and sometimes goes to charity.

    Amy: it made my head spin the first time I saw it.

  21. Susan: I missed you, so sorry. I bet the kids love having having a cornball for a gran.

    There is a beer from Scotland called "Bitter and Twisted" I hoped I still had the label, but alas, couldn't find it.

  22. I've wondered, since I noticed a few months ago how you can charge for air. That is indeed seriously twisted.

    As for that yard. It's scary it is!!

  23. Hiya Violetsky, I got a great laugh from your front yard photo,LOL.
    And it's obvious that a lot of work has gone into its creation and upkeep.Boring it's not.
    Takes all sorts!

  24. Jazz; yeah, it's been creeping up on us for a couple of years, now it seems Shell is the last holdout.

    Mimi: it's a bit over the top, for sure!

  25. It makes me think of a cemetary.. all those stones, & neat gardens, & animals...

  26. There are always people who leave the gas hose twisted, quite annoying, isn't it when you ae in a hurry.

    Yes, that is a black swan, all the swans I see in Auckland are black. We have a lot of them here.

  27. Meggie: not any cemetary I've seen

    Ann: I was at one pump which was neatly coiled and drove off to get a coffee while the person ahead used it and when I came back it was a lying in a heap on the ground. He was driving a Lexus.

    I am envious of your black swans, though I guess you are as used to them as we are of our white ones.

  28. I want to know why almost every Free Air machine is always broken?...Your last photo is very funny...especially when realized it was taken in Canada and not Mexico LOL!

  29. Oliag: Since I can only find 2 free air, I haven't noticed - but it does seem the coin operated ones are often "out of order". wonder if they are full?


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