Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday AMuse

Bent Objects blog

let your fingers do the walking

so many books waiting to be read

clean up after yourself

I found his book while I was in New York.
Both the book and the blog are well worth reading.
We could all use a good laugh now and again.
A surprise at every turn of the page.


  1. Cool! I loved the pics in the last two posts, especially the previous one to this. Makes me feel almost warm.

  2. These are fantastic and so funny! I visited his blog and had a look around. Too cool!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Cute and creative! I'll show these to the grands.

  4. I love this! I'll have to visit the blog... oh, and I loved the pictures in your last post - the cactus especially.

  5. God, people's ideas really do amaze me! Cracking thought into art! I've just been to a blog that makes gingerbread Star Wars characters!

  6. Seriously. What sort of mind thinks stuff like this up? I can only marvel at the creativity and whimsey.

  7. It occurred to me I was including too many of these sorts of amusing sites, but every time I see a new one I am in total wonder and awe at the creativeness and simple ingenuity!

  8. Very clever stuff. Howdy fellow Canuckian!

  9. These are incredible, Violet Sky! I'm going righ tover there. What a clever idea! :)

  10. ha! Now there is someone with time on his/her hands.

  11. I love Terry and his objects. Great to see you post about him.


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