Sunday, December 12, 2010

no photos

A few weeks ago I went to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. It was a fun filled, elaborate production (and that bus is freaking amazing, with thousands of LED lights somehow embedded in it to transform it to pink and provide a backdrop to the travels through the desert). Last week, I finally went to see a bloggy friend act in Shakespeare in Hollywood at a community theatre in Rochester. It was small and intimate and full of laughs and had a not so elaborate donkey's head. I love going to the theatre. I love to see the energy from the actors. The magic that can be created from an imaginative set design. And the instant reaction from the audience. But I had never seen anyone I knew personally acting in a play, so I was excited about that. It can be just as enjoyable to see a lavish multi-million dollar production as it is for a much smaller, but no less energetic production from a local company that obviously enjoys being together. The drag queen in the one was expected, the antics of the drag queen in the other was a pleasant and comical surprise.

And far be it from me to make a trip to anywhere without multi tasking (I can't even go across town without planning on getting at least two chores done), so when I looked into this trip I also planned a visit to the George Eastman House (he of Kodak fame) I thought it might be nice to see it all decked out in Christmas cheer. And I was in time for the Gingerbread House display. This year there were the most ever gingerbread houses - 70 - displayed throughout the house and museum (one other reason I didn't go last week, besides the dentist). I got there in time for the docent's tour (docents are always so knowledgeable and make any tour more informative) and just in time to see a bus load of small children leaving. Whew!

I was actually enjoying the tour so much that I forgot about taking photos. Imagine.

After the play, I headed back home. It is only a bit over 2 hours, and I thought I would take advantage of the night and stop off at Niagara Falls to see the Festival of Lights. So, after the border crossing, I bought myself a coffee and drove slowly along Falls Dr and admired the lights. I wondered where I could park, but mostly I just kept driving and enjoyed the view. We have our own Festival of Lights in my town, but these are way better - if mostly because they were so spread out that you could admire each moving illumination individually. It is virtually impossible to get an individual photo of the ones in our park as they are packed in so closely in a small space. Still, I didn't take any photos. I drove along past the illuminated falls, wondering at the wattage of the huge spotlights that reached so far. I drove past the spray that turned to a thin sheet of ice as it hit the car, on to the end of the five km tour of lights display. I got out to walk for a bit, drinking my coffee, then I thought, maybe I should get a shot of the falls all lit up to share with you. Coming back I would be on the side of the road closest to the falls. Since there was no traffic, I figured I could just stop on the road, so I drove along past the spray that added more ice to my windshield and found a spot that wasn't too far from the railing so I could get a better look.

It truly is a majestic sight, these Falls. No matter the season, or time of day. It is even better when there is absolutely no one else around. I reached into my pocket and held up my camera towards the first view and started to play with the settings.

Blink. Suddenly all went dark.
It was the stroke of midnight.
I had done my oohing and ahhing in the wrong order, it seems.
Day was done.

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(I did take some photos, one of which is on my photoblog)


  1. I saw the movie and didn't realize it was also a theater production. I thought the movie was great fun and I would love to see it again.

    It's okay to enjoy all the beauty you saw around you without taking pictures of it. You probably enjoyed it more and your descriptions are good enough. I'll take your word for it.

    I would have got hungry while looking at the gingerbread houses.

  2. Lovely post, and what a great day, especially with Niagara Falls - love to see it. Despite our recent and very widespread floods we lack these spectacular sights. I like the way your plan your days to encompass so many things.

  3. SEVENTY gingerbread houses!?!?! That must have smelled great and so festive.
    Cheers, jj

  4. What a wonderful adventure you have been on. The plays sounded awesome and to see the Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls had to be so amazing!!
    Too bad the lights went out on you!!!! Ha! That had to be quite disconcerting. To go from fully illuminated to complete darkness...wowzers!!

  5. Nora: I am trying to cut back on my obsessive photographing - I don't really need all the ones I take. and yes, I do think you are more in the moment of enjoying your surroundings more without constantly raising a camera.

  6. Persiflage: I am incredulous when people make several trips to the same area in one day. then again, I am frugal with my gas.

  7. Joanna: you know, I didn't even notice the smell. some of them were in plexiglass boxes...

  8. SueAnn: yes, it was a bit disconcerting! it is also a rather loud noise when the switch is turned off - and it is all of them at once, not one light after another, or even the ones from one falls after the other.

  9. I love the theatre too. We're lucky in Montreal to have lots of small theatres where Mr. jazz and I spend lots of time.

    - Jazz

  10. Jazz: we are getting a brand spanking new Theatre for the Arts here and I think it is wonderful (there are many who don't) it is within walking distance and I hope to see many performances there.


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