Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Stamps - scenic natural landscapes

On this sweltering holiday weekend, lets look at some stamps with nice cooling rivers.
Mountains seem to be the most popular design as these scenes for France, Norway, and Finland show.

First up is the Sea of Ice Glacier, on the northern slopes of Mont Blanc in the Alps. Apparently, it used to be visible from Chamonix, where it is the longest glacier in France, but due to its shrinking it has become a little less visible.

Nasjonel turistweg Lofoten - the National Tourist Routes in Norway. 
National Tourist Routes are beautiful drives with that little bit extra. The routes are carefully selected by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and each of the 18 routes has its own history and character. According to the website, the route for Lofoten takes you on a drive through magnificent scenery and a vibrant coastal culture. The landscape is filled with contrasts ranging from the dramatic expanse of the ocean to craggy alpine peaks, glistening white sandy beaches, fishing hamlets in sheltered ports and verdant agricultural communities.

and of course, what is a stamp post without a showing from Finland? It is a nice informative touch that they add a small map to show the location of the National Parks featured on their stamps.

In this case, it is Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in the Western Lapland Region, Finland's 3rd largest National Park. It is a park dominated by fells surrounded by forests and mires in their natural state and is the most popular among Finns.The stamp also includes the name written in Finnish, Swedish, Northern Sámi and Braille. In 2009, it was the second most popular in voting for the most beautiful stamp.

The second stamp in the National Park series features Torronsuo National Park, issued in 2010. It also includes a map but this time the name is written in Finnish, Swedish and English. This National Park features a large open mire landscape has looked the same for thousands of years and is a good spot for watching migrating birds such as cranes and geese. It is an easy one to reach for many people in the Kanta-Häme Region, being close to urban centres.

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  1. The mountain stamps are very dramatic, the tourist routes in Norway sound interesting. I like how The Finland are doing a National Park stamp every year, it is like a journey of discovery.

  2. The Finland stamps: they make visiting a swamp look interesting and beautiful! thank you for shairng all of these stamps.

  3. That French stamp would have been my favourite were it not for the 'badge' on the right hand side. I guess I'll have to take the Norwegian one instead.

  4. Sweltering hot in Italy too today...these cooling rivers are just the ticket! btw - I chose a Canadian landscape for my Sunday Stamps - Happy Canada Day ;-)

  5. They are all very beautiful stamps and very hard to say any one of them was my favourite.

  6. I like thes types of stamps. It's a great opportunity for countries to show off thei scenic beauty spots.

  7. Those beautiful mountain scenes are a reprieve from this heat!

  8. That Finnish stamp is just beautiful - I love the colours. And what is more... I love that it features a map! :)


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