Friday, June 20, 2014

many steps

My brother was recently in North Carolina on a trip. 
The last thing I said to him was "send a postcard". 
Yesterday, my card from NC finally arrived. 

I had given up expecting anything. After all, I've been saying that for years and usually get nothing. But now, suddenly my collecting is being taken seriously.

From atop Chimney Rock, an ancient monolith soaring 1,200ft above the valley floor, one can see more than 75 miles across Lake Lure, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Carolina Piedmont.

There is an elevator (35 seconds to the top), but the message on the card said "...they say the view is fabulous. we didn't go up. the elevator was broken."

Checking out TripAdvisor, it seems many others complained about the down elevator, though those that climbed the "many steps" to the top say it was worth it. For my brother, the line up to climb the stairs was too long and besides, it was clouding over.

But the real story is that while in Asheville, he was determined to find a vintage card and it had to be one of someplace local. (I would have been happy with a contemporary card, but being an antiques dealer, he was on a mission) He was only there for 3 days, but apparently searched high and low for just the right card. Then he had to find a stamp which, for some reason, proved more difficult than he imagined (but he was there over the long weekend, so it makes sense). By the time a stamp (and not a stamp to Canada) was found, they were already out of NC. The NC card could not be mailed with a WV or PA postmark. So, after they got home, he mailed the card in an envelope back to the friends in Asheville and asked that they mail it to me. Which they did.
The postmark reads Greenville.
Which is in South Carolina.
Oh well.
I'm still thrilled. by the card and the effort.



  1. Now there's a good brother.

  2. A well-traveled postcard and interesting story.

  3. Chimney rock with an elevator to the top sounds interesting.

  4. I love the postcard and stamp--and I enjoyed the story behind it almost as much as the postcard. What a dear thoughtful brother you have! VERY cool. Happy PFF!

  5. Fine card to add to your collection. Too bad the elevator was broken. What, no stairs to the top? Looks like a challenge to me.

    1. There are stairs - over 500, I believe, but there was a long line up when L was there. Not sure where they are on the postcard - probably around the other side of the 'chimney'.

  6. I've never been to the Carolinas, but I understand it is stunningly beautiful.
    That rock still looks precarious, somehow.

  7. Photographer friends who have produced postcards for decades tell me that they are in severe decline but the number of people I know who postcross (I wonder when that word will find its way into Merriam-Webster or the OED) must be helping both that industry and the ailing snail mail services.

  8. What an incredible story! Glad you received it...taking the long way...:)JP

  9. My son is always bade farewell for his travels with "Send me a postcard" but he has never done as well as this. The cards come back in his pocket, looking as though they've done a world trip.

  10. That's cool that he found such a great card. I remember my ex and I telling a friend, several times, to send us a post card from Chicago. This was years ago. When we all met for breakfast, he handed us a card that he'd written on: "Here's your fucking postcard. Happy now?" The funny part is that we accidentally left it on the table of the restaurant.


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