Sunday, February 22, 2015

Year of the Ram

Perhaps I was a little too optimistic in expecting to see more Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram stamps. I've not yet received any from China or Taiwan... so the only ones I have are the Canadian ones I bought.
And this year brings another design by Hélène L’Heureux with an illustration by Susan Scott and calligraphy by Ngan Siu-Mui

I think I managed to get a photo that shows off the embossing
which makes the 2003 stamp look very smooth, and almost plain in comparison (image from CanadaPost website)

I'm not sure why Canada Post has chosen to call this the Year of the Ram, though my best guess is that since a ram is both a male sheep and a male goat, 
in the great Canadian tradition of compromise, Ram was chosen! 

and just for the cuteness factor, here is a mountain goat, part of the baby wildlife series issued in 2014. 
this image is from the postcard, but is valued at $1.20 for US postage


Today, the Toronto Postcard Club is having it's annual show and sale, so I'm off in the snow to see what I can find. Then it's dinner with a friend. Then, maybe a nap before work in the frigid cold again. Sheep makes me think of lambs, which makes me think of spring, which can't come soon enough!!
I'll visit you all later.

Along the way, I might even find some inspiration to post something other than about stamps....


  1. Canada seems to be going all out lately with their lunar new year stamps. The embossing is really attractive. My favorite one I think was the dragon from a few years ago.

    I also think the designer chose a great way to write ram and belier - the square of letters reminds me of a Chinese character or seal.

    Hope you find some good deals out there. Stay warm!

  2. But the 2003 stamp has an original shape.

  3. Maybe the Chinese and Taiwanese stamps are issued at the start of the New Year, so not before 19th February?
    Anyhow I'm looking forward to knowing how the New Year's stamps in East Asia will look like.
    Until then I am enjoying a lot the beautiful Sheep/Goat/Ram stamps you and all other contributors are showing. Thank you for sharing (and hosting)!

  4. This year's Canada design for the lunar year is very impressive. I don't remember seeing those kind of design when I was living there.

    Willa @ Postage Journal
    Sunday Stamp#93: Lunar Year

  5. Canada is winning hands down this week for sure,

  6. I wonder why you don't like red roses? Maybe you just don't like red. I don't like orange, so I don't like orange anythings (except oranges... but to eat, not to look at). And I'm not a great fan of purple either.


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