Tuesday, August 4, 2015

wishes and dreams

On a whim, I decided to go to Hendrie Park at the Royal Botanical Gardens. There is a nice tea house and I thought I'd get a few Postcrossing postcards written while enjoying the flowers
I've no idea how I managed this picture with so few people in the way
because I'd forgotten that it was  Enchanted Garden Weekend
and the place was brimming with fairies, gnomes and pixies
and not just young ones, either, as these ladies proved to be young at heart and spirit!

and, by far, the most popular tent was the one for face painting

the water lilies were in full bloom

and many dragonflies hovered around, but none stopped long enough to get a good photo

although these two gentlemen on the right patiently waited for hours (yes, they were still there when I returned from my tea break)
because this was my first stop
behind is a large deck backing onto the woods 
and a boardwalk for walking deep into the valley
though, before we get to the top of the boardwalk we cross this
Wishing Bridge

where you could write a wish on one of these colourful ribbons
"I wish to feel happy every day"
and it was at this point that the battery in my camera died
see how far others managed to walk with their cameras at Restless Jo's 


  1. I have never been there. Every year I say I am going but something has come up that prevented it. Your photos have given me more incentive to make a greater effort this year.

    1. and next summer the Rock Garden will finally re-open after a massive renovation. That will be exciting (it's my favourite of all the gardens)

  2. I'm cheered up again now! Isn't this wonderful? (sorry your battery died!) Fairies and wishes! Just what I need. :) Thank you so much for spreading a little joy.

    1. Fairies are always so cheering, aren't they?! Glad I could help improve your mood :)

  3. Botanic gardens can be such fun to visit. Your's seems to have some interesting stuff such as the "Wishing bridge" and water lilies pond.
    Thanks for visiting my blog too.

    1. This was a holiday weekend, so that partly explains the festivities for the kids. But, yes, there is lots of interesting stuff going on.

  4. Goodness, how very surprising. But nice.

    1. yes, I was gobsmacked when I saw all the sequins and tulle

  5. Thanks for the offer on complimentary passes but have something going on in my life at the moment that I need to stay close to home.

  6. Delightful! Particularly the (just slightly) older fairies.
    Anabel's Travel Blog


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