Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The annual Mum Show has a different theme each year
this year it's 
there are over 200 varieties of mums on display

an old hearse from a local funeral home

music anyone? we may need a new pianist
boiling up trouble ... or making pumpkin soup?

which is scarier ... the mummies, or the spiders?
tiny town on Hallowe'en night

mummies identifying some of the varieties of mums


  1. So many varieties! And a fun way to display them.
    Anabel's Travel Blog

    1. every year they have fun with these mums. but there were too many spiders placed among the pretty flowers for my liking.

  2. What a fun flower show ... It's neat they don't take themselves too seriously ... The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Very colorful exhibit and the statues have added a fun element. :)


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