Sunday, August 14, 2016

high level

A walk around the High Level Pumping Station
located at Avenue Road and Dupont, in what was then the
Village of Yorkville (Toronto)
It is now in a residential area, which may seem odd, until you realize that none of these homes were here when the pumping station was built. Originally the pumphouse was built near the Castle Frank Brook. It wasn't long before the brook became insufficient and water was pumped from Lake Ontario with several expansions made to the 1906 pumphouse. Eventually, the Castle Frank Brook was buried as the area became more developed, but the 'spirit of the stream' is remembered in the two toned brick work on the road.
I was there during Doors Open so inside were displays and photographs of the way the building used to look.
sadly, that fountain is long gone. but doesn't it make sense for a pumping station to show off with a fountain?!
brightly painted machines pumping away
and some antique machinery no longer in use
big wheels with leather straps

and old wrenches

and these wonderful swing lights!

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  1. thanks for the walk :)

  2. Hello, looks like an interesting place for a tour. Great series of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. These Doors Open events are great & it is so interesting to see inside!
    Thanks for coming by my blog!

  4. Enjoyed this, Violet :) My daughter lives quite near to an old pumping station and it is occasionally used for events.

    1. I'm trying to imagine how events could happen ... unless all the machinery were taken out. They are often beautiful buildings that were built in the early part of the century.

  5. We walked through Yorkvilke when we were in Toronto earlier in the year but I don't remember this. Looks interesting!

    1. It is a bit farther north, up some windy streets, away from the touristy bits of Yorkville.

  6. Would never get my hubby out!!

  7. I am constantly learning about my city!! I did some Doors Open this year, but don't remember seeing this on the schedule.


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