Sunday, August 13, 2017

A & B

I didn't get myself organized in time to post my A for Avian stamps, so here are two editions - one for Avian and one for Birds... 
I really, really like this new three year series, though am disappointed that the actual stamp cuts out so much of the bird's features. It would have been nice if the souvenir sheets had the extras perforated as well so you had the option of including them.

This was last year's (2016) issue of Birds of Canada which feature such birds that I have never seen as the Sharp Tailed Grouse that live in Saskatchewan, the Great Horned Owl from Alberta, the Puffin who live off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, a Rock Ptarmigan from Nunavut, and a Common Raven - one I have seen, though not in Yukon where this is the provincial bird.
Except for the Great Horned Owl, all of these birds were in contention for the National Bird Project and all of them lost out to the Gray Jay (also known as Whiskey Jack).
This was only a recommendation by the Canadian Geographic Society. We still don't have an official bird of Canada.

and for this year's avian friends, there is a Blue Jay, so it's not likely the Gray Jay will make the cut for next year's party* (then again, the gray jay does inhabit much of British Columbia which hasn't been represented yet...)

Again, in a clockwise flight from upper left: the Blue Jay, this one from Prince Edward Island, a Gyrfalcon from the Northwest Territories, an Osprey in Nova Scotia, a Common Loon from Ontario, and finally, a Great Grey Owl representing Manitoba.

* party is the collective nouns for jay

and there is a party for B listers over at See it on a Postcard


  1. ...the Loon is my favorite!

    1. mine too!
      (who can resist a baby - or two - on a mama's back)

  2. Wonderful stamp sheets!
    The puffin, blue jay, raven and common loon are my favourites. But any bird is a flying miracle of course.

    I agree with you concerning lack of perforation. So far I usually solve the problem of 'pictures in both stamp and selvage' by using scissors, this way making different 'compositions' of each stamp sheet :-)

  3. These are magnificent - I'm a fan of bird stamps anyway.

  4. Gorgeous, especially the wings. The scissors as recommended by Heleen or a sharp edge would definitely be the answer. My favourite is the first sheet, I wouldn't be able to tear that one apart.

  5. What a clever way to cover A and B. Both sheets are beautiful - I agree with Joy, I'd find it hard to cut up a sheet for sure.

  6. Interesting post. Lovely bird sheets.

  7. Any stamps with birds are good by me.

  8. I loved this. Canada has beautiful birds. Party is a great collective noun for Jays. Because they have the kind that would cause you to call the noise police if you were a quiet little sparrow! (Nothing like a little anthropomorphizing.)


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