Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tall Ships

a se-tenant stamp issued in 2000

in celebration of the new millennium where 150 Tall Ships from 22 countries sailed into Halifax Harbour - the only Canadian port - for the Race of the Century.

A late contribution for the letter S - se-tenant and ships, but then, these are not just any ships, they are Tall Ships, so also a post for the letter T. And what a tremendous spectacle this must have been.

The ships sailed from Southampton to Cadiz, Genoa, then back to Cadiz before crossing the Atlantic to Bermuda, Boston, and Halifax, then on to the final destination of Amsterdam.


  1. A great finding to show stamps on both the S and T :-)

    I didn't realize the tall ships travel such a large distance!.. On the Sail Amsterdam event they enter the harbour in Amsterdam (so it must have been in this special year 2000 - Dutch Post has issued stamps on this event, too, but these stamps are hard to find now). I've seen the tall ship arrivals in the more recent Sail Amsterdam events, shown on the daily news, and I think it impressive (even while just seeing them on tv only, hope to see it in real one day, too).
    Thank you for sharing these

  2. Seeing them massed together like this must be some spectacle.

  3. ...that must have been quite the sight!

  4. It would be really nice to see. Even to see (and use!) the stamps in person!

  5. I've seen the Tall Ships in Norway and the UK but never such a mass together as on these stamps.

  6. What a spectacle indeed! And what gorgeous stamps.

    Have a Merry Christmas!


  7. How perfectly lovely. My husband would have loved looking at this. :D


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