Tuesday, March 3, 2009

where I make a plan

Right. So the other part of the story of the marathon on Sunday, the part you don't see in the photos, goes rather poorly. I couldn't find Sylvie in that silly looking running gear with the crowds at the finish line (we have only met in person once, but still email and talk on the phone since she temporarily gave up blogging [as Urban Animal]). But, I forgot to put her phone number into my cell phone, so instead of wasting more time, I thought I'd run home and get it. It was only 3 blocks. I used the time I needed to look up the number by catching my breath. Once the panting stopped and my heart rate returned to something a little less hectic, we connected and I sprinted back to our new meeting spot. I ever so gently steered her towards the nearest bench. My legs needed to sit. I can still feel a slight stitch in my side.

How sad is that?

Yesterday, I wandered over to the Y. Just to visit a friend, have a coffee, while I thought, again, about joining.

This morning, after work, I went inside.
Monthly payments will come off my credit card.
I had a 10 minute ride on the bike and a slightly shorter time on the treadmill.
I surveyed the other machines.
I wrote down the schedule of classes I want to take.
Yoga this afternoon.
Made a beeline to the steam room.

Now, I must rest.

Feel free to quiz me on my attendance record.


  1. Good for you! She makes me feel like such a lump with her half marathons and stuff. We should gang up on her! Or maybe like you, I should get my ass to the gym...

  2. Damn, Blogger ate part of my comment - yep, it's absolutely Blogger's fault. Anyway, to finish the the comment.

    We probably couldn't gang up on her anyway, cause she'd just need to run off and she'd leave us in the dust.

    *le sigh*

  3. Hey, let me know if you survive. I might decide it's worth it to go into my depressing dungeon and walk on the "dreadmill" as grandson Nathan refers to it. :)

  4. LOL dreadmill - I love it.

    good for you to start it - it doesn't have to be perfect to start. and no matter how much or little you do, it's still good.

  5. Oh you poor thing... so you didn't like my cool running outfit? LOL Of course, I was on my adrenaline high ... good thing we sat inside that warm and cozy tent! I was freezing myself.

    I don't like the dreadmill. Give me outside any day, even when it's -15.

    Remember, I started with nothing, nothing at all, as was pointed out by my friend Aestus when I was groaning on Sunday night. He said "UA, remember when we used to groan like that after doing just 2k?" Somehow it put it all into perspective :)

    Make sure you do yoga as well. I miss it. Keep me posted.

  6. Ugh! I'm dreadfully unfir as well. I guess if you can go all out and join a gym, I can at least take the dogs for a walk every day....

  7. The only way to get fit is to do something you enjoy. If you have to force yourself to do it and you hate it the whole time, all that negative stress will work against you. So, enjoy!

  8. Jazz: let her run, I'll stay behind for coffee.

    Susan: no, no, you need to have the dreadmill up in a sunny room with a big window for a better outlook on your daydreams.

    Char: I'm going to call it that forever now.

  9. UA: you looked very streamlined!

    Frogdancer: now if only you can get them to stop being distracted every 35 seconds and sniffing the ground.

    XUP: exactly! and today felt right and I was ready to begin. no point in wasting money until I knew I'd follow through.

  10. Good on you Violet..I'm impressed...I have a little gym routine too, today is body balance class - thats 1/3 tai chi, 1/3 yoga and 1/3 pilates and its a great work out..the best part is the 10 mins relaxation at the end!!

  11. Delwyn: oh yes, that little nap time - reminds me of kndergarten!

  12. That sounds like a great start. Good luck!

  13. This is so weird. On Monday I decided to start up on my treadmill and do hand weights and I was debating posting about it and asking my readers to stay on me and ask me if I'm still going at it. I'll keep asking you, if you'll keep asking me. Deal?

  14. Citizen: thanks.

    Geewits: deal!

  15. I loved the Y back when I lived in the States. I was big and pregnant and there every single day.

  16. Kylie: ours was rebuilt about 3 years ago, so still has that 'new' feeling to it.


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