Sunday, October 18, 2009

SundayStills - 'C'

There was a time, way back in another century,
when one could eat with a little bit of class on an airplane.

Each airline seem to have its own preferred style

notice how the British Airways knives got smaller and narrower?
These made excellent camping CUTLERY.
Sadly, while gathering these for the photo (this is but a sampling), I could not find my Wardair set of which I was particularly proud. It was the one time I flew Wardair about a year before they were absorbed into CPAir. I was moved into a First Class seat so a baby could have the bulkhead seat I was assigned. No one was in First Class, so I sat in the back row and slept peacefully all the way to London. It would have been too obvious to steal that cutlery, so I had to wait until the return journey.
This was actually quite a challenge to get the silverware showing nicely without too many distracting reflections or shadows.
This week's challenge was for anything beginning with the letter C - visit SundayStills for other views.


  1. What and interesting subject for your 'C' selection. Great collection. :)

  2. It would be considered dangerous to give people cutlery like that nowadays. They might hijack the plane with it! See how lucky you are that you've got that collection?

  3. You have a fine selection of your cutlery. I think we are lucky to be upgraded to 1st class. I wish that would happen again, my only first, first class flight!

    Ebie's Letter "C".

  4. Cool, a true collection. You deffinatley don't see those these days..:-)

  5. Oh! What a creative and nostalgic post. After working for the airlines (Piedmont, US AirWays, and Mesa) for over 20 years, I, too have such fond memories of riding first class (SA) on many trips and being fed like a queen on real china with cutlery, full bottles of wine, and gourmet towels...even ice cream!

    Makes me sad that our world has changed so much that future generations will never experience such a wonderful luxury....the way flight was intended to be.

    Thanks for this post and a walk back down memory lane.


  6. Amazingly cool 'C'ollection! Great post :D

  7. i didn't even think of cutlery! haha great :D

  8. Collectable, clean cutlery, what a great C word.

  9. this is very interesting.. a good choice :)

  10. Cool to see your collection. I've never ridden first class but remember when metal cutlery was given out even in tourist. I have a great spoon from a trip to Denmark on SAS for my honeymoon. Such a cool Scandinavian design. Thanks for the "walk" down memory lane.

  11. Form following function.
    I haven't flown in some time...I suppose everything is plastic now?

  12. These days it is all about security. We have a clearance store here, which stocks a lot of cutlery and china, from Ailines that went broke! Sad, but true.
    I have done my five words.

  13. Wow! Those are so cool. I have a little American Airlines knife that I found in the back of a kitchen drawer when we bought this house. I love it and use it when I do crackers with a spread. It's so cute. I remember having actual silverware on flights. It never occured to me to take it because it would have seemed like theft, but if I had known they were going to disappear...

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  15. Dibear: thanks

    Nora: I know and how silly, I can barely cut bread with these knives...

    Ebie: I felt truly special sitting behind that curtain

    Ed: and I wish I could bring them with me on any flights

    Lisa: yes, I am sad too, that I missed the age of luxury liners for crossing the Atlantic. but now, I don't any part of flying. I remember it being such an event that you dressed up for the flight!

    Wildblack: thanks

    Chloe: it was a last minute inspired thought - after my cat wouldn't co-operate!

  16. Linda: yes, 'clean', I had to polish them up for their photo shoot!

    Katieleigh: thank you

    Mim: oh I bet SAS would be nice

    June: all plastic and wrapped in almost unopenable plastic bags

    Meggie: and the weight is also a factor, apparently, so even without the security I doubt we'll ever get the stainless steel and china back. I've seen some on ebay.

    geewits: well, yes, it is theft. and I used to worry about going through the xray machine and being found out. I'm not sure those particular people ever cared, though. and yes, I use my knives all the time for cheese spreads!

  17. It's so hard to go back to coach after having flown in first class, isn't it? I got to do it twice and it spoiled me forever.

    Love your collection!

  18. Great collection which made some wonderful "C" photos! Very interesting history lesson too. :) I vaguely remember real silverware on a flight.

  19. What a collection!

  20. Susan: it is hard to fly at all these days, the experience is so demeaning and uncomfortable

    Sandy: I'm glad you have at least a vague memory of what air travel should be like but is no more

    Ronelle: thanks, I guess you stole no souvenirs from your recent flights


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