Sunday, October 25, 2009

SundayStills - landscapes fall foliage

Last Sunday, when Ed suggested fall landscapes as a challenge even though "by now most of the north has passed peak for the year", I sighed and laughed at the same time. We had barely begun. Waiting patiently and wondering...
Then suddenly, sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, the leaves exploded with colour. The sun has not made much of an appearance since, and it has been windy and rainy - which has blown off many of the coloured leaves.
I figured, since most of the other SundayStills contributors are rural, I would give an urban feel to the fall landscape.

This is the road that leads up the escarpment in Dundas towards the views in my previous post
Port Credit

Scenes from my balcony
Some of you may remember my favourite art deco house
which looks almost dwarfed by this flaming tree
here is the lake on a cold, blustery day, with a burning bush not providing any warmth
and turn around and across the street from that burning bush
(with a spot of water spray on the lens)

as usual, visit SundayStills for more fall landscapes from various parts of the world.


  1. i like that you had initative to step away from what everyone else would post, i enjoyed your photographs

  2. Beautiful shots! Isn't nature amazing? One day it's all green, then poof...the explosion!

  3. Fall is BEAUTIFUL, very beautiful in your part of the world!

  4. great pics with stunning colors - giving city life a grand atmosphere!

  5. I love that flaming tree by the Art Deco house. And the rest of your photos are fabulous.

    Autumn has suddenly arrived here, except for the oak trees, which are puzzlingly still green. High winds here have stripped lots of trees, too. Ah well!

  6. GREAT shots of urban colour! That maple(I think?)is just beautiful!

  7. The trees where you are look even more *cushiony* than they do without the hard edges of buildings for contrast!
    The scarlet of burning bushes is, I think, my very favorite color!

  8. Oh, they have done the same thing here! The colors have really intensified this week! I was just telling someone yesterday, that in the nine years we've lived here, this has been the most color we've seen! I've been trying to soak it up, because it won't last long. You already can barely see our grass for the leaves.

  9. Burning bushes are fabulous! Love the contrast they add to pictures. The 2nd pic is very nice, too! Liked them all!

  10. Your choices are great. Trees turn color in the city as well. :):)

  11. There are many trees in your urban part of the world and they all look beautiful now. I like the trees that grace the houses and wonder what it is like to live in them. The view from you balcony is great. How high up are you? You do get to see the best parts, don't you?

  12. Great shots. You have way more color than we do. Very pretty.

  13. ...You live in a beautiful part of the world!...I especially love the view from your balcony!

  14. These urban photos you captured are all beautiful. You have gorgeous views. That flaming tree...just wow!
    And I loved that little peek of art under the bridge of the fish. Fun!


  15. Lovely to see Autumn over in your neck of the woods!
    Great photos.

    Nuts in May

  16. You have some really good shots their! Since we are going into spring at the moment, I love to see how the northern hemisphere is changing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you come by again.
    I like what you wrote on your profile! Sooo true. I´m Canadian too! :)

  17. Beauty everywhere if you open your eyes, eh? Nice shots!

  18. Very cool, the urban side of fall, great idea..:-))

  19. how gorgeous - the colours are changing here too, beautiful :)

  20. I love the trees and the multiple colors you've captured.

  21. Chloe: thanks, I didn't want people getting bored with forest views!

    Tracey: I know, you wait and wait and wait, then poof!

    Jientje: yes, it is. but winter without snow is beyond drab.

    Jen Mo: thanks

    Jeannette: sometimes the trees can block out some of the buildings which can be nice!

    Gerald: glad to share my view with you.

  22. Gilly: I think that red tree actually goes well with the pink house, which normally it should clash.

    Ronnelle: yes, a maple, a stunning maple!

    June: I hadn't thought of the 'cushiony' look before, that's an interesting observation.

    Susan: we are way behind - last year I remember they peaked at Thanksgiving which was 2 weeks ago.

    Diane: and the leaves then clog up the drains and sewers!!

    Nora: I live on the 5th and would really really miss the view if I moved to ground level.

  23. Char: thanks.

    Janice: thanks, and today, the sun came out, but many of the leaves are blown off.

    Oliag: isn't it great?! I love living up high.

    Lisa: that is fun mural isn't it?!

    Maggie May: glad you popped by to share it.

    crazysheeplady: and remember to bring your camera!

  24. Ed: thanks.

    Katie: nice to see you again!

    Prairierunner: thanks, I tried to get the full range of colour.

  25. The flaming tree at the art deco house is gorgeous! All your urban fall color shots are very nice. I also enjoyed your previous that house AND that view!

  26. Flowerweaver: I go by that art deco house every day and am never tired of looking at it.

  27. Wow! You have a lake view from your balconey? That's awesome. I loved the pics. In Texas the whole fall colors thing is pretty sparse. That's one thing I do miss about North Carolina.

  28. Lucky you, you just look out from the balcony and see the see.''Yesterday, I was watching the Red Bull flying show, and last year it was a Windsor. I was so excited. Did I tell you I was in Windsor in 1975-77.

    Re: The green building, it started as a Gentlemen club. You are right, lots of things must have happened there, That is why many of these ckubs no longer remained just a male domain.

  29. Geewits: this particular view came from my friends' apt on the 11th floor - my view of the lake is getting more and more obscured by the d*** growing trees!!

    Ann: this is why I stay in this building - for the view.

  30. Who says Autumn months are dreary and dull..? I wish I had scenery like this around me - I've got to walk for miles if I want to see any!! Thank Goodness for cameras!

  31. Lena: parts of 'centralish' Scotland are achingly beautiful. are you in the part that isn't?

  32. Very pretty colors! I like your view.

  33. They're gorgeous photos! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Doris. Scott x


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