Saturday, December 19, 2009

and now, the torch

watching in anticipation, still 20 minutes away, flags and noisemakers ready…waiting for torch the convoy begins, cheers rise up as we look beyond the big vans for the main attraction, still minutes awaytorch convoy there he is, the torch bearer (don’t know his name, sigh) … torch  bearer and by the magic of post editing, the sky darkens to illuminate the main attraction who is almost obscured by the all the lights of the vans and cop cars and streetlights…torch in a flash, the flame passes by
somewhere in the melee the torch is passed…apres torch

The End (for today)

55 more days to go.


  1. Jenn: it was pretty exciting. but no lingering!

  2. how exciting for you to be there. thanks for sharing. take care.

  3. Thanks a bunch for these pictures. I think it is so great that you went. You rock!

  4. Cinner: there was a certain buzz in town which was also pretty neat.

    Geewits: you are welcome!

  5. These are really good pictures. That is some crowd!!

    CJ xx

  6. Great pics and truly exciting!! Wow! The Olympic Torch!!

  7. Oh, how exciting! I wish I could have been there! You did a great job on the pictures!

  8. Very exciting. And funny that your page is snowing on them.

  9. You are now a bit of history...exciting.

  10. Hey Violet!

    I loved the array of menorahs. The dauchshund one was brilliant! I hope Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo saw this one! She had some nice ones too!!!

  11. That is so cool! Great photo captures too! congrats on having been a part of history! :)

  12. CJ: I would have liked to have seen them passing the torch, but it was too crowded at those points

    SueAnn: this doesn't happen too often, that's for sure!

    Susan: they were on a pretty tight schedule, so it really was over in a flash!

    SAW: it's funny that is the only snow around here!

  13. Gail: I was also standing right in front of the tv cameras

    LGS: I thought so, and was glad to see a good sized crowd there

    Sincerity: it would have been a shame to miss it when it was all so close (within walking distance from my house!)

  14. GDP: I saw hers! I used to live in a Jewish neighbourhood and loved seeing the menorahs in the windows

  15. Well, you were there for a momentous occasion, let that be said.

  16. I remember the great excitement that I felt when the Olympic torch passed through my hometown of Long Beach two days before the Los Angeles Olympics began in 1984. I'm glad that you got to experience that, too.

    Thanks for visiting Monastery Daily Photo. I'm glad to find you, too.

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