Sunday, December 20, 2009

SundayStills - holiday lights and decorations

My city puts on an animated festival of lights every year.
So come sit by the fire a spell and keep warm.

and doesn't every town have one of these?
Someone who goes a little overboard on their lights?
This house gets scores of people wandering by to have a look and to enthrall. Even their small back yard is filled with inflatables and lighted trees. Fortunately, there is a conveniently located school directly across the street. (handy for parking, too!)

Now, back inside, for some cozy seasonal socks.
this is one of the 100 doors decorated for Christmas at the Botanical Gardens.

As for me, I am a simple decorator.
Check out more SundayStills photography
and you can see more of my holiday lights and decorations on Sightlines (also scroll down to here and here for last years with snow)


  1. LOL! When I was a kis we had a couple of streets where everyone did their house like that, trying to out do each other, nowdays its only one or two homes, I gusee elecrticity got too expensive..:-)

  2. WHOA man, that is amazing, truly! The Motor bike was too cool!
    Thanks for sharing this very well lit event of your neighborhoods!

  3. Ed: and, at least in my area, people aren't wasting the electricity on the really tacky lights!

  4. KK: the motorbike is in homage to his son who died a few years ago.

  5. The Christmas lights can be a tourist attraction, and a part of Melbourne used to - and probably still do have traffic jams as drivers trawled around to see the lights, but I wonder about the energy usage. Sometimes I feel rather jaded, when department stores bring in stocks of Christmas decorations at the beginning of October.

  6. Persiflage: we have a town near here that is famous for its lights and bus tours go there regularly.
    I get around the shops filled with early Christmas decorations by not shoppping. I find it very easy to do!

  7. It seems like only yesterday when we last did this. Time certainly flies!

  8. Loved the lights, our city has used to have lights in a park and everyone or a lot of people would go see, they stopped it this year, said it was too costly....but like you said every city does have a huge house with beautiful lights. Merry Christmas.

  9. Just visited you at 'Sightline' - those are some fantastic photos! And I love the bears!

    But we too have houses that go over the top with lights, inflatables, reindeer etc. But one I know collects for charity and makes quite a lot of money.

    Just wouldn't like to live next door!

  10. HGTV always has specials about extreme Christmas decorations and most of those people say that their electricity bill was around $1000 (that's only $4 Canadian).

  11. Nora: I know, does it slow down again, ever?

    Cinner: that's a shame. really, we need more fun in our lives.

    Gilly: glad you liked them!
    collecting for a charity is a nice idea.

    Geewits: hahahahahaha
    I just bought some USD - should have gotten it off you instead!
    I was actually watching one of those shows when I was working on this post!

  12. Love the lights!! I just got back from a Festival of Lights here in Albuquerque! Wonderful! I will be posting pics soon.
    Merry Christmas and Hugs

  13. I have acrazy lights house in my neighborhood - what a lot of work!

  14. The house looks fantastic! I love driving around and looking at the houses that get all decked out!

  15. SueAnn: there are a series of neighbourhood Cavalcade of Lights in Toronto which I will likely drive around when I'm in town tomorrow. I'll look for your posting.

    Char: I don't entertain, so simple suits me just fine

    SAW: I'm not sure I understand the need to go to such extremes,

    Brenda: I'm glad you liked it!

  16. Lovely lights, I would love to visit your city at Christmas time. We have a whole string of lights around the green in our village, lol!

  17. I like your pictures of the lights, they came out well.

  18. Nicisme: there is something happy about a city centre that is all festive with lights - too bad so many are cutting back.

    Regular Guy: thank you.


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