Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday AMuse

food sculptures


  1. Now I want to carve something! I have been thinking about soap carving.

  2. What fun...mind if I reblog onto my Food Stuff Blog?

  3. Very clever! But what are the dragons/fish made of??

    Must take them ages to do - am I a wet blanket to think there must be better ways of spending one's time, and not wasting food???

    Answer: probably yes!

  4. Von: be my guest. I found these on

    Jeannette: I would have a hard time destroying the mashed potato dragon, that is way too cool!

    Geewits: would this be 'guest soaps' for decor only? I used to know people in Switzerland who carved a rosette into the butter before every meal so it never looked messy.

    Sunny: puts my mashed potato and peas mountains to shame.

    Gilly: I wondered that too - I'm guessing cucumber? and hey, an artist works with whatever is at hand!!

  5. Oh Gilly!!! This is art and not wasting It is beautiful and what a wonderful way to display veggies! I love this. That dragon is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing

  6. I love those! Especially the swimmer rising up out of the watermelon. That's fantastic.

  7. Some people need to be told not to play with their food and some people should be encouraged.
    Unfortunately I'm in the first group.

  8. Those are pretty incredible.

    CJ xx

  9. Wow. The watermelon swimmer!!!

  10. How cool, makes me want to be a bit more creative at meal times...

  11. SueAnn: yes - no reason it can't still be eaten after the masterpiece is created. though it would be difficult.

    SAW: that swimmer is most unusual, isn't it?!

    Gail: I wish I could even think about that kind of creativity!

  12. Dave: I used to make landscapes of mountains of mashed potatoes with gravy rivers and pea houses... and I still had to eat everything on my plate atfter I made an avalanche.

    CJ: they are, aren't they?!

    Jazz: the spray is an especially touching effect.

    Sagittarian: you're on holidays... give it a whirl.

  13. Wow, this is amazing stuff! I love the 2nd one.

  14. They're amazing! My fave is the watermelon!

  15. Stop playing with your food!!

  16. Rebecca: yes, I think the bread face is very funny.

    Scott: there is a certain originality in that one.

    XUP: I've heard that before!

  17. Awesome carvings! Love the watermelon guy!

  18. Those are truly magnificent. Too good to eat!

    Nuts in May

  19. I have seen many of these before, plus originals in Thailand. They never cease to draw my admiration and respect. We brought home delicat soap carvings, which no one seemed to appreicate.

  20. Hey Violet: These food sculptures are amazing. Makes me look at food in a whole different way! Happy skywatch friday. May we all find a violet one at some point in our photographing!


  21. Now, this sort of sculpture I would visit a gallery for. Amazing!

  22. Jenn: I agree

    Susan: watermelon guy seems to be a favourite - maybe it is the surprise element?

    Maggie May: who could eat such art?

    Meggie: I've watched some Japanese chefs do wonders with food. did you keep the soap carvings for yourself, since they were underappreciated?

    Jan: let the artist in you be unleashed. melons beware!

    Lena: you'd have to move fast - before deterioration made a sculpture of a different sort!


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