Thursday, February 18, 2010

a Bell for Barry

swiss bell There are some challenges we may have to face in life that are not pleasant.

They require an inner strength that we may not be aware we possess. They may also require the care and dedication of many strangers and loved ones.

They may cause us to explore our lives in ways we never dreamed possible.

Such is the case for many of us who have faced cancer head on or loved someone who has endured.

Barry Fraser of An Explorer’s View of Life has been writing of his journey in ways that have touched all of us who have followed him.

Today, at 2pm, he will leave Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. A bell in the lobby at the Chemo Day Care Centre is positioned at the exit doors to be rung as you leave after your final chemo treatment. The staff and visitors and inpatients will all pause. Then applause. Maybe cry.

There are many, many people who are joining in (with links on Barry’s blog for visiting) most of us who only know Barry and his wife Linda through their blogs who will ring our own bells, loudly and with wild abandon. For Barry, for ourselves, for our loved ones who have endured. For those who are still enduring.

You may feel the earth shiver.


  1. Beautiful hearfelt post. I shall ring my bell for Barry and send prayers.

  2. My bell is ringing also. Prayers for Barry and his family!

  3. My bell is ringing too for Barry and his family, wonderful post my friend.

  4. All the best of luck to them! I'm reading Laurie Kingston's "Not Done Yet" which describes her journey with cancer:

    Lots of good thoughts to those touched by cancer.

  5. thanks for sharing. May Barry and his family experience God's love and peace and healing.

  6. My prayers for Barry and all who suffer.

  7. Yes, that is exactly what I heard, the earth shiver!


  8. Barry: I am so pleased.
    this is a baby cow bell I brought back from Switzerland 30 years ago.
    there is another bell on my photoblog that I had to imagine ringing...

  9. I heard and felt it shiver too.

  10. That's great of you to spread the word and I went over to offer my congratualtions.

    (I love the Swiss goat bell you chose - I remember with great fondness seeing belled goats in the Alps when I lived in Switzerland.)

  11. My pure and utter best, tremulous wishes for the future Barry!

  12. 'Feel the earth shiver' - beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
    Can you hear the bell from here? My dad was a bell-ringer in the local Cathedral (volunteer) many years ago.


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