Wednesday, March 17, 2010

where you get to choose

An accident on the highway, actually two accidents, one in each direction, turned my 10 minute drive into Hamilton to a 50 minute journey. Fortunately, my friend was able to take a later lunch. On the way home, with still almost an hour before my next appointment, I took the most direct city street heading in my direction. I had less time for strolling with my camera, but thought I would decide on the way whether to stop off at the cemetery, or the waterfront, or find an antique shop or ...

I found myself travelling through a stretch of the city that I was not all that familiar with. I don't know if it was the brilliant sunshine, or the warm 21C! or the good lunch and interesting visit with my friend that made me happily more aware of my surroundings, but I found a multitude of photo ops as I drove. I was under a bit of a time restraint and the sun was perhaps a little too intense for many shots, so I made a note of specific places to come back to.

I continued on towards home with a brief stopover at the marina where I take all my pictures of the swans and ducks (with the much appreciated bridge from the Sunday post). But, between last Sunday and today, most of the swans had taken off - about 150 had already gone, leaving only 40 in the bay. I counted less than a dozen ducks, though there could have been a few more hiding or drifting. It is always sad when the swans migrate from this winter haven, though a few do remain behind all year.

So I need a new focus for my photo walks.

And I have decided to take you on a walking tour.
I drove through several different areas today, all well worth a visit. Now, they are not all 'picturesque', but definitely photo worthy.

Bearing in mind that, besides perhaps one person, none of you will have any idea what each area will elicit, I'll let you pick one at random for our inaugural tour of Hamilton.

So, where would you like me to start?
  1. 'Barton Village'
  2. 'Jamesville'
  3. Dundurn Park
  4. Pier 4


  1. i was drawn to the word pier too. something about water for me

  2. Anywhere you chose sounds great to me. But I have heard of Dundurn Park and have never been there, so that sounds interesting to me.

  3. Sanna, you're going to be confused, because everyone will voice his/her opinion -since I don't know any of these places:the park:)

  4. Jeannette: I won't be confused. I plan to take you to all these places, eventually.
    It is rather like choosing blindfolded, isn't it?

    So far
    Pier = 3
    Park = 2

  5. I'll go for pier - never been anywhere near Canada, so it will all be lovely to see!

    It seems very warm there - we got up to 12C and thought it was a heat wave!

  6. The Pier for sure!! Love to see anything to do with water

  7. Looks like you have a consensus here: I want the pier too.

    And 21C? I am green with envy.

  8. I like Pier 4, also, but Barton Village sounds interesting as well.

  9. I will go for Pier, but with the proviso I am glad we get to see them all eventually!

  10. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

    I pick water :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your pics.


  11. Okay. As you wish.
    I will show you all these areas which run into each other. But, we'll start with the pier.

    We'll do Dundurn Park next (that's the one with the 'castle', remember?)

  12. I hope nobody got seriously injured in the accidents.

    A macro lens to capture smaller patterns and life might be a great option to explore more subjects.

    I've been thinking of getting one.

  13. Anil: yes, my extra lens is an insanely wide angle. Great for getting tall buildings in the shot but crap for landscape, or zooming! I'm saving up.


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