Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday AMuse


personally, I've always wondered why they stopped making the doors open this way
then there's this baby that seems to have no doors

am not certain about the logistics of getting in and out of this one

hmmm, those erect headlamps...

I have seen the crocheted lamp posts, but not a crocheted car

as if this car isn't ugly enough
originally found here and here


  1. Wonderful photos, I love wee cars! Imagine having the time and inclination to crotchet a cover for your car!! Crikey!

  2. Whoever would think of crocheting all over a car? seems a waste of wool to me, not to mention time and energy. Maybe it was acrylic fibre?
    Where do you find such things?

  3. Well, now I know what to do with all those crocheted afghans I've been buying at Goodwill...a nice little cozy for my van. LOL!

  4. How the heck do you get in and out of these "little" cars?? And that one with the "erect" head lamps...too funny!!!!
    And crocheted?? You have got to be kidding me. I like Susan's response though. LOL!!

  5. This post reminds me of the first time I ever saw a Smart car, in France in 2002. I was so enchanted and took several photos of it. A friend of mine was in England that same summer, also spotted a Smart, and also took several photos of it. We gleefully compared photos and our impressions of the cute little thing when we met up back in Canada.
    And now, lo these many years later, Smart cars are everywhere here too! I think it's called progress.

  6. I love those little teeny, tiny cars. They look like cute little bugs. I saw one the other day that was painted red with black dots, and it really looked like a little ladybug.

  7. Saj: the only advantage I see to 'wee cars' is the parking

    Persiflage: I guess it isn't a waste of time and wool to an artist?

    There are bloggers out there who collect these sort of images, and I just troll them until I find what needs sharing with you all!

  8. Susan: yes, all wrapped up nice and warm for the winter!

    SueAnn: I imagine one must be very limber. maybe even a yoga instructor.

    Char: tiny and so cute!

  9. Pinklea: I thought they looked silly in Europe when I first saw them, I think they look even sillier over here.

    Jo: as you may have guessed, I am not a fan of the SmartCar. I did ride in one once - it felt rather claustrophoibic, but it was so much fun to park!

  10. That last car is so ugly it's cool.



  11. I think they're adorable, but I wouldn't want to travel in one. Just think what would happen to you in a crash.

  12. Simpy crazy! I think I'll stick to my Camry, OK?

  13. Joanna: it fascinates me!

    Nora: an accident does not bear thinking about. I doubt any airbags would even fit in there!

    Melissa: OK, as will I!

  14. They all look like toy cars to me! But who knows these may become the car of the future:)

  15. Jeannette: these may make the streets appear less crowded, but then I wonder how fast they go?

  16. I kind of like that folky one at the end.

  17. What an unusual set of cars .. most interesting.

  18. I must be sure that Mr O does not see this...he is always talking about getting one of those little Smart my opionion his mini is already small enough:)

  19. SAW: it is rather interesting. i wonder if it washes well?

    Petrus: there are geeks for everything, it seems!

    Oliag: actually, I like the new Mini. If I had room/money/need for a second car for tootling around in, that might be my choice!


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