Sunday, September 12, 2010

SundayStills - glass

There was a story in yesterday's Toronto Star about people who are mad for Pyrex. People who scour yard sales and thrift shops and ebay to add to their collection of prettily patterened CorningWare casserole dishes. People who are after my own heart. If there was one thing I was slightly disappointed with in my trip to the Corning Museum of Glass, it would be the complete lack of CorningWare. I really did expect to see a section solely devoted to the dishes that took over our kitchens.

I don't actually buy up all the pyrex dishes I see, but I do make a beeline towards them if I see any in a thrift or antique shop. I have been known to wander around the shop with something in my arms, before coming to my senses and realizing that since I don't bake, this set of bowls would just be in the way in the cupboards. Though sometimes, I cannot resist.

And, since I was in Corning, the birthplace of all things CorningWare patterned......

I bought this Cornflower teapot.

Last night, after writing this post in my head, I woke up from a dream that I had made my morning tea in my new teapot and opened my cupboard to see several FireKing mugs. I could very plainly see the patterns of diamonds and dots and little flowers.... now those I could use.
I'm off to the Antique Market. See you all later.
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  1. Hiya VioletSky,

    Are you telling me that they don't make that stuff any more? What a blow. Mine is pretty old and I would have liked some replacements. The shape of that jug is very different from mine.
    I wouldn't bother with pyrex but rather have the Pyroceram. Now I shall have to be careful with what remains. Most of my Centura plates have bitten the dust. Nothing lasts, does it.

  2. I fancy Pyrex myself...although i have to say that i don't have much willpower like you as to put something back. My battle cry when i find something is "must build more shelves!" ;)

    I love you tea pot...the photo as well. Reminds me of my childhood...our dishes were the same pattern and my mom had the same pot we'd make hot cocoa in.

    Have a great wk!

  3. My mom had that teapot!

  4. I still have a Corning Ware casserole, but have not used it for years, and almost gave it to my son last weekend. I was deterred by the reflection that he does not cook casseroles..
    There is a shop nearby which sells it, so I must have another look.
    These days I use the French cast iron and enamelled casseroles. Yesterday I used it for osso buco.

  5. Now I must go to junk sales an get a Pyrex teapot just like that.

  6. I used to have lots of Corning. It was a very popular wedding gift back in the "olden" days. :)

  7. Jabblog: thanks. I do enjoy the hunt!

    Joo: you can always try ebay or etsy. Pyrex was revived a few years ago, but it is not the same

    Worknprogress: I only have the willpowerm for so long... and only for certain items. those baking bowls take up a lot of room and are far to big for eating cereal out of!

  8. Jazz: really?! I'd not seen this design of teapot before.

    Persiflage: the caseroles are good for leftovers in the fridge. then the whole thing can go into the oven for reheating.

    Nora: have fun looking

    Diane: yes, many people had lots of it - which is why one can alway find something at a thrift shop! My mother seemed to have more FireKing dishes than CorningWare

  9. Hey find some goodies for me while your at it.

  10. I had one of those teapots! I wonder what happened to it.

    Happy shopping, jj

  11. Janice: I'd be hapopy to! just another excuse to shop...

    Joanna: that's interesting; I've only seen the squatter version of this. you'll want to find yours now, won't you?!

  12. pyrex are supposed to last and last, but they do break.

    Are there glaciers in canada? I suppose you have to go very up north to see them. That is why people come to New Zealand.

    Canadian sports skiers come to NZ to train.

    Very tragic for the crash. My daughter sky dived before, in fact they both did all the xtreme sports. Sometimes I wonder why I let them do it.

    Is it getting cooler in Canada? Sept 75 was when i first arrived in Canada. It was cold to me then, coming from Borneo.

  13. Pyrex was all the rage when I was young!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. That coffee pot flashes me back to my childhood!

  15. I have the short version of that teapot! It was my mom's and now it's out in the new camper, ready to heat water for a cuppa. Thanks, Mom! And thanks, Sanna!


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