Saturday, September 4, 2010

wind and rain

I have just had a phone call from some friends/clients who were coming to town for the long weekend and hoped to fit in a massage while they were here. I have not seen them in the four years since they moved (3 hours away) so was looking forward to visiting with them. Their plans have changed due to some ferry being cancelled. Considering the winds and rain we have had, that doesn't really surprise me. And yet, we are pretty far away from Earl....

Yesterday, another friend really wanted to go to Ribfest and wanted me to go with him. I don't care for ribs and the crowds are always horrendous, but I figured we could entertain each other while he stood in line for however long it took to get his ribs. He also promised me a beer. It clouded over and started sprinkling just as he made up his mind which hot smokin' ribs he wanted, but it didn't look too bad. Wrong. Suddenly the sky deluged us with a torrent of rain. There was nowhere to hide. Ribfest is in a large park with lots of grass and... mud. Surprisingly there were still quite a few people who stuck it out and stayed in the queues. Certainly no one stopped bbq'g! Since I didn't fancy sitting at a wet patio with wet clothes we went home and changed. Later he picked me up and bought me dinner. It only seemed fair.

And now, the temperature has dropped considerably. I actually had to wear a jacket last night.
I saw someone raking his leaves yesterday and it made me sad. My balcony was covered in dead leaves and petals that have blown off my petunias and geraniums so I spent the morning sweeping and vacuuming them all up, thinking my friends could use the balcony while we were visiting and getting massaged, well, while one or the other of them was getting massaged. But, just before the phone call I realized it was too cold and windy to sit out there.

But, no worries. The heat will return by Monday. And my place is now spotless and the balcony is swept and redecorated with fall mums... so if you want to come visit, I'll be ready.


  1. Out here on the Wet Coast, our temps are getting lower and lower, though we don't usually have the Indian summer that you easterners to (are we even allowed to call it "Indian summer" any more?). I cleaned out a few of my flower boxes today and one of my hanging baskets. The other two baskets seem to be hanging in there, but another couple of weeks and they'll be done too. I don't much like the end of summer.

  2. Fall mums! What a nice treat.
    Enjoy the weekend and your very clean home :-)

  3. I just did the company cleaning and it's also cooler here - just not jacket cooler. I'm sorry you got rained on, but at least you got to change and have a nice dinner.

  4. It was freezing yesterday. Don built a fire in the wood stove.

    Heat is returning? Oh no!

  5. We have kinder weather than that here, but it's definitely fall. I like it and am enjoying it. September is a good month. It's a also my birthday month.

  6. Yes the leaves are falling here too! I am bummed!!
    A massage, though, sounds fantastic.

  7. We went from sweltering hot summer to cool and windy autumn within 24 hours. Crazy, eh? Also, I'm starting to wonder about you, "fests" and rain.

  8. Not fun getting drenched in the rain and it sure has turned cold, hasn't it? It feels like autumn today but I guess summer hasn't quite left us yet.

  9. Pinklea: those first few coloured leaves make me sad, but once autumn gets rolling, I'm all into it!

    Joanna: it was a little exciting to replace the poor exhausted summer plants with these brilliant orange, red and yellow mums.

    Geewits: it is only jacket weather overnight (thank goodness!)

    Ruth: and I made pumpkin soup yesterday to warm myself up!

  10. Nora: happy birthday!!!

    SueAnn: I make home visits... (after your huge installation work, your poor arms)

    XUP: I know. I hadn't realized how often that happens until I started recording them here. maybe I should come with a weather warning?!

    EG: I'm ready for more hot temps - but without the humidity, thank you

  11. Weather has a way of trumping plans.

    But you've reminded em that I need to buy yellow mums and some Indian corn for my door.

  12. Wow, I'm impressed. You go somewhere, torrents of rain.

    Admit it, you have a thing going on with the rain gods!

  13. SAW: ...which reminds me that the Mum Show is coming up next month. yay!

    Jazz: and this time, I only walked 10 minutes from my front door!

  14. I hate the back and forth weather. I want each season to stay in its own space, thank you very much. It's been like that here, too. Although without the's very dry here. I don't remember, ever, having temps in the mid-80's this late in September in central Ohio...of course, my memory ain't what it used to be. ;)


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