Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prost, Salut, Cheers

I admit it. I am a beer snob.
I'm not fond of such watery brews as Coors Lite or Molson Canadian. And don't get me started on Labatt's. I even like English ales. Served warm.

But mostly I prefer Belgian beers. Some of the fruity beers (Lambic) are quite refreshing on a hot summer's day. And the stronger ales, like Chimay are a joy to the palate. And then there is the white (wheat) beers (witbiers), like Hoegaarden. Light and refreshing yet with full flavour. Tangy with a hint of spice. Aromas of banana and citrus and coriander. Goes very well with salmon.

The fact that we can drink this beer at all is all due to a man named Pierre Celis, who opened up a brewery in the town of Hoegaarden in 1965, ten years after the last witbier brewery in Belgium was closed. Pilsner had overtaken the witbiers and a centuries old tradition died out until Mr Celis decided to revive the style. Mr Celis passed away last week at the age of 86.

If you want to learn more about Belgian beers/ales here is very informative site

I've been working all night, in the pouring rain, so I've already raised my glass in honour while reading this rather long-winded, but informative site about everything (everything!) Hoegaarden


  1. I think I drank far too much beer in college. I don't much like it anymore. Wine, though... mmmmmmmmmm

    - Jazz

  2. I agree with you on your taste of beers and think nothing is better than a white beer on a warm sunny day. It doesn't even have to be cold, but I do prefer it that way. Belgians do indeed have the best breweries , but there are some good ones here in Dutch Limburg too. We do hold our own. I don't care for a Heineken or a Grolsch either.

  3. My older son would agree with you, he like beer and think Belgian is the best. For my part, I'll stick with wine.

  4. I love the Belgium beers, too. Think they are the best. Love this post .

  5. I don't particularly like beer, but I DO like Belgian beer, strangely enough. Hoegaarden is good, but I think my fave is Leffe. I also had one when I was in Belgium that tasted slightly apricot-y, but I no longer recall the name. I do recall that I could never find it in Canada, much to my frustration.

  6. I like cooking with beer, but am more of a wine gal myself! Beer tastes all very similar to me!

  7. I had some Hoegaarden at Halloween - my son picked it out because he liked saying Ho Garden.

    But I have a preference for crispy Coronas with lime in the summer and IPAs and pale ales when it's cooler.

  8. I am not an expert on beers but my son would say that there is nothing better than good old English home brewed Ale!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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