Saturday, July 30, 2011


It was a beautiful morning so when I finished work last night, I decided to head out for a walk along the beach and a coffee on the waterfront. 

I decided to do this in Hamilton.

(this is an evening view of the beach from a previous night. the beach faces east, so the sun would have been in the way...)

Anyway, this would normally involve going over the Skyway, 

but because it was early and the light was perfect, I decided to get some photos of the newly erected scaffolding that has gone up on the underside of the Toronto bound portion of the Skyway.
There seemed to be an awful lot of traffic for 7am on a Saturday morning, and I thought at first that the lift bridge was up (which was odd, seeing as how I had checked before I turned down this route) but it turns out it would have made no difference which route I wanted to take as I would have ended up in this mess.

This is what happens when there is an accident on the highway, the Niagara bound portion, on the first day of a holiday weekend...
by the time I got there, the light was no longer quite so perfect.
This scaffolding will be up until late next year as they repair and repaint

more pics on my other blog at Sightlines

... as if the traffic wasn't enough, it has taken me hours - hours - to post this because everything on this computer is running slow, from Picnik to Blogger. Anyone else experiencing that?

You can see more bridges over at Sunday Bridges, hosted by "Louis"


  1. Great photos - especially the scaffolding on your other blog.

    Yes, a simple little accident can snarl up a lot of traffic in the holidays!

  2. Love the scaffolding!! What a beautiful structure they have erected.

  3. That is one mass of scaffolding. Nice to see that inspections and repairs a being done. I am on Rogers Cable and it's been running good. Sometimes if you unplug your modem for about 10 seconds then plug it back it in will make a difference. This allows the modem to reboot.

  4. Wonderful photos. I envy your closeness to a beach.

  5. I could not see all the pics. I suspect my son has used all my allocation for downloading. Grrr.
    Time and tides keep beating me.

  6. they sure have a lot of work cut out for them!

  7. What a lot of iron under the bridge, it is like they are building a whole new one.

  8. The scaffolding is quite mesmeric in your photos.

  9. That's some pretty intense scaffolding! Like a jigsaw puzzle. Very nice pics. Sorry your computer is running slow...that can be frustrating!

  10. You may want to download CCleaner to get all the cookies out.

  11. That photo with the cars driving under the bridge with the scaffolding in place really gives you and idea of how large this project really is. I'd be a little nervous driving under the bridge in that condition, I'd admit!

  12. Did I tell you before that there is a Hamilton here too?

  13. IT will take them OVER a year to complete that job? Wow... Super shots. Hope you got to enjoy your coffee on the beach, despite the jam.

  14. I hate being caught in traffic like that, and always try to remind myself that at least I wasn't in the accident.


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