Tuesday, July 19, 2011

time to move

I don't wear a lot of jewellery. Not because I don't like it, it is more because I keep forgetting. I also can't really wear rings or bracelets or watches when I am working - they tend to get in the way of the massaging. But, I have started buying more pieces (as I work less...)

Some of you may remember that I bought a cute, decorative watch last year which I love,

though as it turns out I cannot read the time on it.

and it turns my wrist into a grey tarnished mess.

I still wear it and just deal with the problems as best I can.

Then, at the Elora art show I went to last week, I wandered into a tent displaying some exquisite glasswork. There were four watches on the table that hadn't sold at the artist's Christmas show and at the last minute she decided to include them in this one.
I fell in love with one... the bracelet part is glass.
I bought it. I love it because it is so pretty and I can read the numbers
except that it is a devil to work the clasp and after wearing it once, the little glass (plastic) crystal fell out.
Because I bought it at an art fair, I can't just go back to the store to return it or get it repaired (replaced, really, since I can't find the crystal) free of charge, I should think. But, I can't wear it as it is.
I am not sure how to deal with this. Any ideas? Would you email her? and if you did what would you ask her to do about it?


  1. That is so pretty. Yes, I'd email her and see if she can fix it. The crystal should not have fallen out, and she should fix if without charge.
    I am in the process of getting some jewellery repaired or restrung. I bought a string of amethyst beads last week and now have to get it properly threaded. I don't really need these beads, But it seems I have no self-control where amethysts are concerned.

  2. That is so pretty

    Yes, email her and explain what has happened and ask what she will do about it.

    I'm no good with bracelets as I come up in a rash wearing anything at all, but I love necklaces and keep on buying them in antique fairs!!

  3. I would just go buy a real watch. What's the old saying, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice..."

  4. Watches have become jewelry now, and I love both of those. Surely, email the woman and see if she'll make it right. She'll probably just replace the watch part itself, and you might have to suffer a repeat of the crystal falling out, but then you could email her again....

  5. Yes, definitely email her! She would probably be upset that it fell apart so easily. It's very pretty.

    I've never been much to wear jewelry either, but lately I've been looking at (and buying) a little bling. I'm even thinking of piercing my ears. I'm probably the only woman in North America under the age of 70 who doesn't have pierced ears! LOL

  6. Persiflage: I think it is a good thing to have no self control over something - your family will remember you every time the see an amethyst!

    Gilly: I have started wearing more necklaces, too. they at least, don't get in the way of my work (and are less likely to be left behind...!)

    Geewits: but, but, these are real watches...

  7. June: I think that is why I am attracted to these ones.

    Susan: my SIL (60) just had her ears pierced, so you may just be the only one left...

    I have now emailed her, with a photo.....


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